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Redcar and Eston School Sports Partnership

Redcar & Eston School Sport Partnership works with partnership schools on various different initiatives to give our pupils the best opportunities in Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity. The partnership works with pupils aged from 5 – 19 years with a focus on all pupils engaging in some form of sport or physical activity.

The partnership schools comprise of seven secondary schools, twenty four primary schools, one special school, one behavioural unit and an FE college. The hub base for the partnership is at Rye Hills School. The partnership delivers in clusters of schools. The clusters are developed around secondary schools with its primary feeder schools.

The partnership gained Partnership Mark in 2008. In 2010 the partnership was nominated by the Youth Sport Trust as one of the top twelve Partnerships in the country to take part in an Ofsted inspection investigating why it was so successful. The results of the national survey measured pupils taking part in 2 hours of Physical Education and school sport rose from 42% in 2005 to 92% in 2008. The partnership then started to measure the number of pupils taking part in 3 hours of Physical Education and school sport and achieved 62% in 2009 and 66% in 2010, well above the National average.

Our focus

We are working hard to encourage all young people to take part in High Quality PE and sport, both in and out of school time. We will create a smooth transition between school and community sport.

We encourage children to do more PE and sport by developing different ways of getting them interested and involved. This can be everything from running training camps for the next generation of Olympic hopefuls, or using sport as a way of helping youngsters who may be struggling at school or introducing new ways for young people to lead and volunteer in sport in their community.

Supporting school sport

Redcar & Eston School Sport Partnership supports primary, secondary and special schools and FE Colleges to use sport to raise standards, achievement and attainment across all subject areas.

Supporting community sport

Redcar & Eston School Sport Partnership will link the excellent provision offered through school sport with the opportunity to continue these opportunities outside of the school gate.

There is a growing belief that PE and school sport can make a major contribution to many agendas – educational achievement, public health, community cohesion and, of course, sporting performance at the highest level. The opportunities delivered by the Redcar & Eston School Sport Partnership will contribute to all of these agendas.

We want to help young people to live healthy and active lives and to be the best they can be. Sport can be used as a great way to help them achieve this.

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