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About us

The Friends of Rye Hills began in 2011 and is an organisation with the purpose of supporting the work of the school and providing funding to areas of the school where the normal budget might not reach.

Membership is open to anyone with a connection to the school and currently includes members of teaching and support staff, parents, carers, former students, governors, former colleagues and members of the local community.
The Friends Association organises social and fundraising events throughout the year and also operates a ‘100 Club’ with monthly cash prizes.

Applications for funding are accepted by the Friends each year from school departments. This can be for a project, a piece of equipment, a visit etc... the only criteria are that the funds must be used to benefit members of the school community.

Past funding went towards the following:

  • All rides at the school summer fair
  • Video cameras for the Drama Department
  • Digital SLR Cameras for the Art Department
  • Minecraft Licences for the ICT Department
  • GCSE Art Exhibition
  • 3D Printer for DT
  • Book Return Box for the Library
  • Sports Kits for the PE Department
  • Printing Press for the Art Department
  • Defibrillator for SENDCo
  • Air Hockey Table for Youth Group
  • Chairs for the Library

Our past fund raising events have included:

  • Summer Fair
  • Christmas Fair
  • Craft Fairs
  • Music Concert
  • Car Boot Sale
  • Quiz Night with 'pie n peas'
  • Christmas Show Refreshments

Bids for Funding

Application for Funding


The date of the next FoRHS meeting will be posted on here soon...


Summer Fair 2016

The Friends of Rye hills School held the annual Summer Fair on Monday 18th July 2016. Each tutor group had a stall or manned one of the many inflatables or fairground rides.  The day was a huge success and the FoRHS school raised £1977.75. A huge thank you to everyone who made this possible.


Upcoming Events

Please check back here for details of any upcoming events...

'100 Club'

If you would like to join the 100 Club it is £1 per month for the year.


Please email and we will send you an application form.

Cash prizes every month and a Super Draw in December.

'100 Club' Draw Results


1st Prize

2nd Prize

 July 2015

No. 19

P Widdowson

No. 94

A Marson

 August 2015

No. 15

H Clarke

No. 44

G Sands

 September 2015

No. 27

J. McPherson

No. 100

N. Prudom

October 2015

No. 68

D. Bunn

No. 94

A. Marsom

November 2015

No. 20

E. Cook

No. 25

D. Dowson

December 2015

No. 36

C. O'Hare

No. 80

S. Wilkinson

January 2016

No. 13

L. Williams

No. 06

C. O'Hare

February 2016

No. 35

S. Kirton

No. 02

T. Leech

March 2016

No. 16

N. Shaw

No. 10

A. Redman

April 2016

No. 46

A. Davison

No. 18

P. Richardson

May 2016

No. 28 

J. Smith

No. 09

C. Waugh

June 2016

No. 94

A. Marson

No. 19 

N. Bennett

July 2016

No. 39

C. Waugh

No. 05

J. Stonehouse

August 2016

No. 06

C.  O'Hare

No. 75

G. Regan

September 2016

No. 38

C. Waugh

No. 87

A. Hughes

October 2016

No. 33

S. Fuller

No. 59

M. Ovens

November 2016

No. 94

A. Marson

No. 97

G. Regan

December 2016

No. 47

N. Waugh

No. 16 

N. Shaw

January 2017

No. 33

S. Fuller

No. 10

A. Redman

February 2017

No. 59

M. Ovens

No. 74

R. Nightingale

March 2017

No. 24

J. Wilkinson

No. 14

C. Aherne


Christmas Super Draw 2016

1st Prize

No. 19

N. Bennett

2nd Prize

No. 96

P. Smith

3rd Prize

No. 07

S. Myers


Click the link below for the '100 Club' rules:

'100 Club' Rules

Friends of Rye Hills School Management Committee:

Chairman: Mr D Stonehouse

Vice Chairman: Mrs A Langley

Secretary : Mrs A Calvert

Treasurer : Mr N Waugh

We would welcome parents/carers and members of the local community to join us - please email: for more details.