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Accelerated Reader






Click on the Accelerated Reader logo link above to go to Welcome to Renaissance Place. Pupils can take Accelerated Reader quizzes on books they have read and view TOPs reports.

Tips for Accelerated Readers

You should read every day for at least 15 minutes to improve your reading ability and age. Improving your reading age will enable you to understand a range of texts. This will help you in examinations and lessons across all of your subjects. Here are some tips as to how to do this:

  • You should be reading books at the bottom end of your ZPD range and slowly increasing your book level as you pass quizzes.
  • Aim for 85% or above in your quizzes
  • Quiz as soon as you can, this will give you the best chance of passing the quiz
  • Make notes as you read- record the most important things that happened in the part that you read and consider the 5 Ws when doing this
  • Read as often as you can
  • Talk to somebody about what you are reading
  • Read books that you enjoy

Become an AR star! Look at the notice boards around school to see if you are an AR star this term, there are many certificates and prizes to be gained!

Speak to Mrs McGravey or Miss Smith if you need any more information regarding Accelerated Reader or reading in general.

Accelerated Reader Book Finder: click on the link to use this free online tool. You can search for books by author, title, or topic, find quiz numbers, book levels and the amount of points you will gain if you pass the quiz.

Also featured on the website is 'A Parent's guide to AR Book Finder'.

Suggest a Book for an AR Quiz Books are considered for quizzes based on awards, national reviews, recommended reading lists, and requests from a number of different schools across the country. If you used AR Book Finder but did not find the selection you were looking for, please send us your recommendations.

Criteria for AR Reader Certifications: A guide showing pupils the amount of reading required to achieve each level of certification. Pupils are presented with certificates and sometimes small incentives during Accelerated Reader assemblies each term.


Each year we subscribe to Book Buzz formerly known as Booked Up. Click the logo above to visit the Book Buzz website.

Over 200,000 students in approximately 1500 schools will be receiving books as part of the Bookbuzz scheme this autumn. Run by Booktrust, Bookbuzz aims to get great books into the hands of Year 7 students. Each participating student will receive one of a shortlist of books as well as a bookmark, while each school will gain two copies of the books for their library.

Many of the titles are available to quiz with Accelerated Reader.


Please click the link below to view the 2019 books and their Accelerated Reader Levels and Quiz Numbers:

Bookbuzz Accelerated Reader Quizzes and Reading Levels