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College Pastoral Leader: Mr M Stockwell

College Pastoral Officer/ PSO: Mrs P Fleming

This College brings together the creative and participative subjects of technology, PE, art, drama and music. 

Mr Waugh, Mr Stockwell, Mrs Fleming, the Brunel College tutors and everyone from year 7 to 11 has a duty to ensure the development of all students within the College. We do this by creating a strong ethos of self-esteem, determination and success.

RESPECT and hard work are the cornerstones of the attitudes in Rye Hills; Isambard Kingdom Brunel built industrial wonders, careers and a legacy. His motto, ‘Let me try,’ should be adopted by everyone as it epitomises positive attitudes and we believe it leads to the development of the person as a whole and to academic achievement.

Respect, however should be mutual and needs to be earned.

We achieve this by starting the day well prepared. Every student is on time, in full uniform and well-organised for a busy day with stationery, kit and books packed. Attendance levels are high and disruption is low. Successes are celebrated and rewarded; set-backs are shared and remedied.

Strong relationships are fostered within the College and this leads to trust, shared experiences and ultimately success in all of its forms.

We pride ourselves on being enthusiastic in all areas including the arts, music & performance, sports and in community projects. We regularly come together to support local and national charities in order to give others the same opportunities for RESPECT that we have.

Support is given in Brunel. The vertical tutor groups allow for years 9 and 10 to work with Y7 and Y8 for counselling and encouragement. Form tutors mentor their students and offer the first port of call for advice and guidance outside of the home.

Mr Waugh, as College Head strives to ensure that the best possible standards of teaching are delivered whilst Mrs Fleming and Mr Stockwell are ever-present so that school-home links are encouraged, cultivated and developed throughout the students’ five years at Rye Hills.