Information about Year 6 Transition Week (15th-19th July)

Please view the letter sent home to parents/carers of Year 6 going in to Year 7 here.

The first day of your child’s induction will start on Monday, 15th July and they will be in school from 8:35am (Please ignore previous start time of 9:15am). Your child should wear their primary school uniform and footwear. Leavers’ hoodies are permitted. The remainder of the induction will run until 3pm. 

The schedule of the day is as follows:




Y7 arrive at the academy and wait outside the main entrance and be shown to the main hall.

Tutors will collect students and take them to their form rooms.

9am – 11am

Students remain with their form tutor and:

  • Are given paper planner

  • Given timetable 

  • Be taken to the web their colleges go to for fire alarms

  • Tour of the building (if time)

  • Fingerprint scanning so they can buy lunch.

11am – 11:15

Break in web 1 (no break service)

Students are able to use the toilets near web 1.

11:15 – 11:30

Students to line up in colleges in Web 1 and taken into assembly (sports hall).

11:30 – 1:20

Extended /early lunch for Y7.

1:20 – 2:20

Period 4 as normal (timetabled lessons)

2:20 – 3pm

Period 5 as normal (timetabled lessons)

Students will then be escorted to exit main reception at 3pm by teaching staff and go home.

Year 6 in to 7 Transition Parents' Evening - please bring the forms enclosed with the Y6 letter along with you.

At the Parents’ Evening on Monday, 15th July, 4pm – 6pm, there will be a short presentation by Head of School, Mrs Waugh in the dining hall at either 4:15pm or 5:15pm. 

In addition, you can also:

  • Meet your child’s tutor in their form rooms

  • Order PE kit - sports hall

  • Order school uniform from Quickastitch – sports hall

  • Speak to College Pastoral Leaders if needed

  • Speak to the SENDCo, Mrs Watson, if needed

  • Speak to the Lead Teaching Assistant for Autism, Mrs Allinson, if needed

  • Collect Parent Pay information

Last Day of Term

The academy breaks up for the summer holidays on Friday, 19th July; this will be the last day of term and will be a non-uniform day.  Students should arrive in the academy for 9:00am and attend normal lessons for periods 1 to Lunch will be as usual and then there will be a short form period after lunch to empty lockers, etc. The term will end at 1:30pm.  A donation of £1 per student will be requested for the non-uniform day, proceeds from which will go to the Friends of Rye Hills. This will be collected as students enter the building.