The Redcar Dinosaur

'The Reubesauraus' Redcar's very own dinosaur is a project created by Year 7 student Reuben.

Prior to the pandemic Reuben often gave up his weekends to attend comic con events, in costume, to raise money for charity. He has helped to raise thousands of pounds over the years by manning tombola stalls and carrying buckets etc but also spending plenty of time in costume entertaining adults and children alike.

He has desperately missed this side of his life during lockdown and so asked for a Dinosaur costume for his birthday.

The reason? So he could walk around Redcar and cheer people up.

He then heard about a little boy who was desperate to see a dinosaur so asked his mum if they could do a ‘doorstep’ visit to his house. She agreed and that then was the catalyst for the monster she is currently managing.

Reuben wanted to offer himself up to do free doorstep visits to children who need it.  As you can imagine, the requests flooded in!

Reuben wanted to use his pocket money, of which he doesn’t get a lot, to pay for some party bag supplies so he could hand them out on his way around. Luckily, after he popped into Tesco costumes they offered to donate them.

His first real outing, aside from a previous test one, was far too ambitious. He wanted to cover the majority of the old Lakes Estate and it was only his sheer grit and determination that got him through. He nearly collapsed from exhaustion on more than one occasion but soldiered on.

Now that he is returning to school full time, Reuben will be limiting his dinosaur tours to the occasional evening and weekend.

If you see him around Redcar why not give him a wave and say hello!

Well done Reuben for cheering up people in your local community throughout lockdown!

The Redcar Dinosaur has a Facebook page too:


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