Happiness Nominations

Thanks to all students and staff who nominated people for doing something kind and making them feel happy.

Here are some of the nominations we received:

Nominations for Staff

  • Mr Bertram - For an outstanding job in relaunching the Fantastic Friday webpage and the technical support he has given to me.
  • I nominate Mrs Moore for going above and beyond, supporting Newton College, by not only contacting NJF tutor group, but also following up students where tutors were unable to get in touch.
  • I would like to nominate Mr Barnes for coming to my rescue when I had a technical issue during a live lesson.
  • I would like to nominate Mrs Allison - nominated by a student.
  • I'd like to nominate Mrs Thornton for her "can do" attitude and her brilliant support in times of stress, in and out of work.
  • I'd like to nominate Miss Jones for answering my thousands of questions without once appearing to lose patience haha! She's always very helpful and I'd be lost without her (I think most of us would be!). 
  • Miss Millington- If I ever have a problem, she is always there to help me even if all she can do is give me advice . this is a hard time for all of us but I am managing better because of the support she is giving.
  • Miss Dudley - always pops in to say hi and check in.
  • I would like to nominate Mrs Allison for sending me brownies and ice-cream when I was having a rough day.
  • I would like to nominate Miss Lappin because on her live lessons she makes all my class laugh. Even if we don't have a live lesson, she replies to private comments straight away which I find super helpful. The work Miss Lappin sets is really enjoyable and fun. She is a great teacher. 
  • I like to nominate Mrs McGowran because she has helped me a lot for 5 years and she is a wonderful person and a good teacher, and I just want to say thank you to her by nominating her.
  • Mr Tait- For always being supportive and finding a joke in everything!
  • Mrs Allinson- For always taking the time to stop and ask how I am and anyone she sees and for always having a smile on her face!
  • Miss Jones for always helping everyone in the school
  • I would like to nominate Miss Howlett for the kindness nominations because she has been very supportive, and her smile can make anyone happy. She is a wonderful form tutor.
  • Mrs Bashford for always being thoughtful.
  • Mr Carney for never turning me away when i say have you got a min, even though he's super busy!
  • Nominations for Students
  • I can't tell you how happy I am about some of the work my Year 9s have been doing! The following students in particular: Lucy K, Becky B, Ayah E, Lillie C and Eleanor W and in particular, Daisy J, who handed in one of the best pieces of work I've had the pleasure of marking in 30 years of teaching! - this happened a while ago, but I forgot to send it in, so I am sending it now 🙂
  • Last term I had a panic attack in class, and I was stood outside the classroom and Ellie H was going to the toilet so she left the classroom (we are in the same class) and she saw me outside the door and helped me find a teacher who could help and she was really kind and helped me a lot with it.
  • Jake G - always has a smile on his face and just a really friendly student
  • Chloe M Year 10. Chloe is always working so hard to try her best and always tries to go the extra mile. Chloe always checks in on those around her and always shows such kindness to all she meets.
  • Millie-Mae L, Year 7. Because she is always so happy and always stops for a chat with the biggest smile on her face!
  • Evie F for always smiling and always being polite and asking me how my day is. 

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