Rye Hills Academy Strava Club

Rye Hills Academy Strava Club Strava is an internet service for tracking exercise which incorporates social network features. It is mostly used for walking, cycling, and running using GPS data. The aim is to try and get as many staff and pupils involved to hopefully keep everyone motivated to stay active during this difficult time.

This club is a private and invites are only for all staff and pupils of the academy. Pupils and staff must use their Rye Hills academy email account.  

To join in simply exercise using the free Strava App and upload any activity you do, this could be running, walking, cycling etc. 

This is a nice way to share successes and will hopefully help motivate people to join and become fitter. 

Click on the link to view our club’s activities: https://www.strava.com/clubs/826440:

How to get started and get moving:

Download the app. 

It’s super easy to navigate and you’ll be able to use your phone to record workouts, access Strava or easily sync from a device wherever and whenever.  


Pair your devices. 

Whether you’ve got a GPS watch, power meter or heart rate monitor – connect it to our app so you can transfer data directly to Strava.  


Get a move on. 

Go for a run, ride, swim, hike, walk or workout of any kind, then bask in the satisfaction of uploading your first activity. 

Any questions please let Mr Anderson know!

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