December Kindness Nominations and Awards

After the sucess of our Kindness Nominations last term we decided to run them again. Students and staff nominated anyone who had been kind to them or made them feel happy. A prize draw took place today and the winners received a prize.


Pupils who were nominated:

  • Aiden Brown (Yr 7) for always trying his very best in lessons.  He is also very kind to other pupils and will keep people who are late leaving company.
  • Ben Wilcock made me feel welcome in the school.
  • Finley Hodgson for being a good friend.

Staff who were nominated:

  • Miss Granville has been kind for calling whilst I was in isolation and giving me a bookmark (Daisy Jackson Yr9).
  • Miss Parker, She said she liked my style and she always makes lessons fun.
  • Miss Beeforth: Did live lessons and puts up with 9F1.

Student Nominations (by students and staff):

  • I would like to nominate Heidi Guz. A student was upset, and even though these 2 students aren’t the closest of friends, Heidi came over to console her. Such a thoughtful, kind act deserves recognition.   - Mr Coomber
  • I would also like to nominate Megan Rowe, Megan always offers to hand out resources, or help in any way she can. She is extremely helpful and makes my life easier. Thank You Megan.  - Mr Coomber
  • Ellie made me happy when I was upset - Georgia Brett.
  • Jay Hardy for always holding the door.
  • The people who were kind to me are Olivia Round and Mrs. Hodgson because they make me smile every day.  Miss Marson is also kind to me every day. - Miss Brooks
  • I nominate River Woodhead for her acts of kindness. Every lesson she thanks me for the lesson, as she does with most teachers, and it makes me smile every time! Thank you River, - Mr. Coomber
  • Eleanor Whitwell: For always helping me be happy when I’m sad and for being a good friend.
  • Lucy Halton: She has been really kind and a good friend. She was my first friend I made in year 7 and has stayed with me.
  • Lewis helped me back up in football.
  • Becca B gave me a pen.
  • Roan 7F2 - For always being a great friend.
  • Lucy Wilson for being there for me.
  • Jake Seaton: Helped me with my homework.
  • I would like to nominate Kassidy Taylor Y11  BJW – She donated loads of food for the reverse advent calendar. Plus, a very generous money donation.
  • Joe Robson Helping me do Maths.
  • Alex Hird: Helping me with homework.
  • Maisy:  She is very welcoming on a morning.
  • Charlie Simms:  Always being kind and funny and spreading joy when I am having a not so happy/good day.
  • Samantha Y7:  Has been amazing, and helps me with my homework.  - Esmay Y7
  • James Jones helped me work through my Seneca at homework club.
  • Poppy Pinchin:  Always kind and asks if I’m okay!
  • Daniel Traynor:  He’s just a nice guy.
  • Thomas Allday – He is always nice.
  • Jake Sanderson: He was nice to me and when he thinks I’m grumpy.
  • Angel Devlin: for being helpful to other students in class.
  • Angel – Thank you for always making sure I’m ok and making me laugh constantly.
  • I’d like to nominate Sian Hardwick (Yr7) for always being so helpful and kind at the end of lessons – always making sure her area is tidy.
  • I’d like to nominate Jannat Munawar (Yr7) for being so kind and helpful to other pupils – in particular helping Jodi if she’s ever unsure and I’m busy helping someone else.
  • Adam Matthews: because he is very nice – Connor.
  • George Taylor - He is just a nice person and he is small, so he deserves it.
  • Ellena Parkin: for helping me and being a great friend.
  • Harvey Tate, helped me with homework.  - James Jones
  • Tori B: gave me water.
  • Kian Empson: Made me laugh all week.  Even if I didn’t feel like being happy.
  • Ava English: for helping me revise for a French vocab test.
  • Grace Bean: Held my bag when I was trying to get my lunch.
  • Harrison Storey: Being a good friend and making me laugh.
  • I nominate Poppy Weller Y10: She always has time to say hello when passing me in the corridor.  She is smiley and polite and happy and cheers me up.
  • Georgia Brett: because she is amazing and she’s so nice she helps me with homework and lots more things, she is a one and only.  - Ellie Allinson
  • Georgia:  For helping me with homework.  - Jay
  • I’d like to nominate Ronnie Stewart- Comben (Y7):  For his generous food bank donations.
  • I’d like to nominate Marshall Lancaster (Y7): For his generous food bank donations.
  • I’d like to nominate Evie Forth (Y7): For her generous food bank donations.

Staff Nominations (by students and staff):

  • Mrs Granville.
  • Mr Carney – Epic Teacher – Top Notch.
  • Mr Coomber because he taught me how to play the drums and he is really nice to me.
  • Miss Hewitson for getting us in the Xmas spirit and keeping us motivated.
  • I would like to nominate Miss Bishop, She’s always there with a smile and chocolate bar.
  • I would like to nominate Miss Corner because she is always kind and polite to other pupils – even when they aren’t always the same in return.
  • Mrs Fleming is always nice to me.
  • Mr Carney for sorting out and helping me with an issue I had.
  • Miss Hewitson because she has been helpful.
  • Miss Jones for always listening to me and being helpful and always makes time if I say can we talk.

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