Happiness Nominations 2020

As part of anti-bullying week and to promote kindness in the academy we asked students and staff to nominate anyone who had been kind to them or who had made them feel happy. 

Nominations were anonymously posted in to the 'happiness box' outside of Miss Marson's office. At the end of the week there was a separate prize draw for staff and for students. 

The winners were Mr Matthewman (Maths) and Anna Wilks (Year 7).

Here are some of the lovely nominations we received:

Nominations for students:

  • Oscar Whiteside for always being kind, polite and appreciative of teachers for being an all-round good egg.
  • Thank you to most of Y11 who are always really polite.
  • Cameron Wood for always sticking up for me.
  • Logan Jackson he asked if I was ok because I was walking by myself on the way home.
  • Jayden Finley because he is always kind to others in his class.
  • Leona Pinder MacLeod she made me smile when I was sad.
  • Anna Wilks for always being pleasant e.g bringing food in for the food banks.
  • Wafaa Laheeb for being an amazing prefect and helping Mrs Waugh with litter issues. 
  • Amber Maver is so kind and friendly she helps me with my maths and cooking.
  • Olivia for asking how everyone's day is and making sure no one's alone.
  • Morgan Pheonix: she never leaves me out and she tries everything to make all her friends happy and smile. I can never feel down when she's around. 
  • Xander makes me laugh.
  • Daniel makes me happy.
  • My best friend Megan Thompson, every morning she asks me if I'm ok.
  • Letisha Cooper because she makes everybody laugh.
  • Can I nominate Eve Jones and Evie Hodgson year 11? On my birthday this year, they got me a card and choccies and it made my day! It reinforced to me how lovely our kids are - just when I was sick of work and would rather have been at home.

Nomination for staff:

  • Mrs Wheeler for always having a smile on her face when she's got the hardest job in school.
  • Miss Brooks because she's helps me be good.
  • Miss Seiler because she has been nice to me. 
  • Miss Seiler made sure I was happy and helped me out because I wasn't.
  • Mr Barry he is very nice to me in maths lessons.
  • Mr Norminton because he helped me be good.
  • Mr Matthewman for showing me how to extend my display board. It's made my life so much easier as I don't have a projector remote!
  • I'd like to nominate Mrs Bashford for being like my work mum and checking up on me everyday x 
  • Can I nominate a member of staff? Mr Paleschi did the finger jab for my Covid test this morning when I was being too much of a wimp to do it 😂. 
  • Thank you so much to Miss Marshall who is always listening to everyone's problems.
  • Thank you to Miss Marson who is always thinking of lovely things to do for others.
  • I would like to nominate Miss Gummerson as she always asks how I am when she passes, and she has also assisted when I need a quick break. She is always very upbeat, and this makes work a nicer environment (not that it's not nice normally).
  • Miss Ammor because she has helped me when I have been upset and made me happy and helped me enjoy my day.
  • Miss Ammor as she is always very kind and very helpful and made my time at Rye Hills easier.
  • Miss Ammor because she helps me when I was struggling and helped me when there was a problem in my friendship group.
  • Mr Lane because when I'm lost, he helps me.
  • Miss Millington makes me laugh!!

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