EDF Power Your Nation Event

A small group of Year 10 students attended the EDF 'Power Your Nation' event at Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station.

The event was run as part of National Apprenticeships Week and students met 4 engineering apprentices who work at the power station.They heard all about their pathway to becoming an apprentice, what their job entails, were offered some advice and had the chance to ask questions.

Next we put on our hard hats, safety glasses,ear defenders and hi-vis jackets and went on a tour of the power station. We saw how it works, how it is maintained and staff and apprentices at work. We were given lots of information about radiation, waste, decommissioning and sustainability in nuclear energy. We met the armed Police officers who keep the site secure and had an opportunity to ask them questions about their jobs. 

After we had our lunch we then visited the Teesmouth Field Centre where we learned about sea defences. We visits Greatham Creek and saw seals on the nature reserve and then Seaton Carew to look at the sea defences on the coastline. 

Interested in a career in this sector?

For more information about the power station visit here. You can book free tours here

To find out about early careers click here. You can register your interest on here and receive updates when their are apprenticeship vacancies. Please remember that if you are applying for an EDF apprenticeship they will want you to have researched the company and have knowledge of what you are applying for. One of the things they advised, to make yourself stand out above other applicants, was to have extra curricular activities on your CV such as volunteering, DofE, NCS, part time jobs/work experience, hobbies relating to your chosen career, etc...

If you would like ot find out more about the work at Teesmouth Field Centre click here.

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