Girl Kind NE 2019

We were very excited to be given the fantastic opportunity, for the second year running, to work alongside professionals at Newcastle University on the Girl-Kind North East project. The project is devised by Dr Sarah Winkler-Reid and Dr Sarah Ralph and celebrates the potential as well as exploring the challenges of being a girl in the North East.

20 KS3 girls took part in the project.

On Monday 23rd September 2019, P4 and P5 the students met in the library for Workshop 1. The workshops were led by NE Stand Up Poet, Dianne Casey and Spoken Word Poet, Sarah Crutwell. The group discussed: "what do you think the challenges and opportunities of being a girl in the Northeast are?" They then started to design and make creative interventions on the themes they discussed which will be part of ‘A Day of the Girl’ celebration event.

On Tuesday 1st October 2019, P4 and P5 - Workshop 2: Students continued to work on their projects and prepare for the main event. They came up with some incredibly thought provoking art work and poetry. Some of the girls choreographed a dance.

On Saturday 12th October 2019 we travelled to Northumbria University, Newcastle, picking up a group of girls from Tees Together at the Arc, in Stockton, on route, and arrived at the venue at 10:30am. 

The '2 Dr Sarahs' spoke to students in the lecture theatre about the aim of the project and the running of the day. Over 10 other schools and youth groups were there too and students were split in to 3 mixed groups. Students took part in 3 workshops: in the first workshop they made a zine and designed 1 page of the zine in each of the 3 workshops: one was about stereotypes and how girls in the NE are generally perceived and how this makes them feel, one was about problems girls in the NE faced and one was about toilets!

After lunch the girls had over an hour to set up their displays, practice their dance and be fully prepared for the main event. At 3:30pm the university opened for parents, members of the local community, the Major and Majoress join in the celebration of 'The Day of the Girl'. There were singers, circus performers and stand up poetry, face painting and lots of cakes!

Rye Hill Students split in to 4 groups: group 1 performed a dance, group 2 set up a gallery showing videos and providing leaflets to raise awareness about consent and sexual harrassent, group 3 set up a gallery with a mental health Q&A and group 4 produced lots of art work and poetry and set this up in a display. The ideas and work produced by the students impressed guests very much and their effort, enthusiasm and teamwork throughout the whole project was exemplary.

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