Annual Awards Evening 2019

Last night we held our annual student award ceremony. Students gained awards for the following:

  • Outstanding Academic Achievement
  • Subject Specific Award
  • Outstanding Commitment to Subject
  • College Leader Award
  • Head of School Award

Keynote speaker and former student, Dr Xavier L’Hoiry, a Lecturer in Criminology and Social Policy, gave an aspirational talk about his own journey since leaving school, his career and he showed examples of the diversity of jobs available to students at Rye Hills. He also offered students the following advice:

  • Don’t be afraid of failure.
  • Don’t let other people place limits on you.
  • Don’t place limits on yourself.
  • Don’t worry about looking daft.
  • Do find what you like to do.
  • Do ask for help.
  • Do work, work, work.
  • Do yourself justice.

Mr Lane presented the awards to students. In attendance was Mr Brown, Executive Principal, Mrs Waugh, Head of School and Mr Carney, Vice Principal.

Students who received 1 award came up in groups to receive their certificates and have photographs taken.

The music department provided a music interlude.

Students who received 2 and 3 awards were next to be presented with their certificates.

The audience then viewed a video montage displaying some of the wide range of enrichment activities and opportunities we provide for students at Rye Hills.

The final part of the presentation evening was to award our ‘Students of the Year 2018-19’.

College Leaders Mr Norminton, Mrs Sands and Mr Stockwell each presented an award for their respective colleges with the recipients being:

  • Newton: Hannah McGaw (Year 10)
  • Shakespeare: Jack Winstanley (Year 10)
  • Brunel: Isobelle Troop (Year 8)

Last but by far not least, Mrs Waugh presented an award for overall ‘Student of the Year’ to Wafaa Laheeb (Year 8).

Mr Lane would like to thank everyone for making the award ceremony a special evening to remember. Congratulations to all students who received an award, you should be very proud of yourselves.

*Please note: students with their face blurred on photos have either not supplied the academy with a photo consent form or have specified on the form no photos on the website. If parents would like to grant photographic permission please contact the school on 01642 484269 to request a form.

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