We're Working Towards Artsmark!

We have renewed our membership of the Artsmark programme! We are all really excited to see the plans for arts and culture in our school develop even further. Rye Hills Academy has always been committed to using the arts as a way of developing each child according to their individual needs and as a way of providing opportunities to learn new skills, foster talent, encourage creativity and to celebrate achievement.

Pupils, supported by staff, will be working on  various projects and opportunities in drama, performing arts, music and art which will become our Case Study to be submitted for Artsmark accreditation. This will be a fantastic way to celebrate Rye Hills Academy’s strengths in arts and culture. There will certainly be lots of exciting ideas to show off the amazing creativity and talent of the pupils. 

If you would like to keep up to date with Rye Hills Academy’s Artsmark journey then you can follow all the news and updates here on our social media channels. 

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