Ski Trip Austria 2019

On the last day of half term we set off at 1pm and travelled for 30 hours by bus and ferry there and back through England, France, Germany and Austria. We had 6 days of skiing with instructors at the Zillertal Arena, in weather ranging from red hot sunshine to zero visibility fog and constantly snowing. We spent our evenings bowling, swimming, enjoying delicious Austrian cuisine, a pizza night, quiz and games night and at a traditional Tirolean evening. Each day we selected a ‘Donkey of the Day’ to the person who behaved in the silliest or most amusing way, ‘King/ Queen of the Slopes’ to the students who did really well at something that day, ‘Coming on a Treat’ to the person who was really putting in effort to advance their performance on the slopes. Hi-vis bibs were issued daily to be worn on the slopes. Students enjoyed this light hearted competition. At the end of the week our PGL rep, Sally awarded Jake Graham with a ‘Skier of the week’ t-shirt for his resilience, attitude, team effort and determination throughout the week. Well done Jake!

For more photos see our @SkiRyeHills2019 Twitter page.

If you would like to go on the skiing trip next year here are the details:

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