Year 10 Wise Drive Event

On Wednesday 26th June 2018 Year 10 students attended a Wise Drive event which was held at Stockton Riverside College.

Wise Drive is an annual road safety educational event aimed at KS4 pupils in the area who are due to reach the age where they can attain a driving licence.

Statistics show the most vulnerable group of road users are aged 17-24, i.e. those who have just attained their driving licence or may have limited driving experience. Wise Drive has been developed by Cleveland Road Safety Partnership to provide practical skills and improve knowledge, behaviour and attitudes in relation to all aspects of road safety and the law in relation to this.

Our students were split in to groups along with students from other schools and each took part in four workshops:

The importance of Seatbelts

This session looked at the main reasons why people choose not to wear a seatbelt but also why the seatbelt can be a life saving piece of material!  Students had a chance to try out the ‘Seatbelt Sled’ which simulates a low speed collision to hammer the message home.

The Mechanics of Injury

The vulnerability of the human body was examined here with the assistance of a Paramedic.  Footage of real life collisions was shown and discussed and the importance of being safe when using the roads as a cyclist and pedestrian was be a key element of this presentation.  To end with, resuscitation training was be delivered to each student – potentially life saving education that might just help save a life one day.


Students were able to use new VR Technology and Driving Simulators and were told the importance of not being distracted when using our roads.

Drink & Drugs

The effect of drink and drugs on road users wass examined in this session.  Students were encouraged to become mini collision investigators and look at the impact that these drugs have on their decision making.

Students really enjoyed the day, it was very interactive and they were very engaged in all sessions. They took in a lot of information and overall the day seemed to make a positive impact on all who took part. 

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