Oxford University Pathways Taster Day

On Thursday 26th April 2018 six Year 10 Rye Hills Academy students along with their Careers Officer and staff and pupils from St Peter’s School, Freebrough Academy, Laurence Jackson, Sacred Heart School, Huntcliff School, Outwood Bydales and Prior Pursglove College all boarded a coach at 5am and set off on the long drive to Oxford. We stopped off once on the way at services and arrived at Keble College, Oxford University at around 10:30am.

Pupils attended an introduction to the university and were spoken to about the running of the day by an Oxford student and a lecturer.

In groups we were guided through Oxford from Keble College to Corpus Christi College which was around a 10 minute walk through the city in which we saw some wonderful architecture.

On arrival to Corpus Christi College the students took part in a workshop with some Oxford University students in groups or 3 and 4 and had the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the University and the College lifestyle.

We had our lunch in the Corpus Christi College Food Hall which was like a scene out of Harry Potter. There was a choice of chicken roast dinner, a pork dish or vegetarian option and we sat amongst some of the University students and chatted to them while we ate our food.

We were then given a tour around Corpus Christi College and grounds by the Oxford students, we visited the library, chapel, the bar, the common room and gardens and watched some pupils playing croquet and were given lots of information and we asked lots of questions.

We walked back to Keble College and met up with the other groups and then attended 3 mini lectures on Evolutionary Developmental Biology, Water Cooperation and Conflict and Gods and Atoms in the Greco-Roman World. We then completed feedback forms and we were back on the coach by 3:30pm. We arrived back to Prior Pursglove College at 8:30pm.

Overall the day was very interesting, the staff and students were welcoming, friendly and full of knowledge and we left feeling that Oxford University was quite accessible to our students, although some thought it was a bit far from home. Oxford offers a sizeable bursary to students who need it as long as they put in the work academically and achieve top grades and were willing to work hard at school, college and then at university. It is very competitive applying to one of the top universities in the country but it is by no means out of our league. 

More information is available on the website here.

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