School Council Address Parking Concerns in the Academy

The School Council met and discussed some of the issues they would like to tackle within the Academy. Top of the list was concern over parking for parents and visitors. Members of the school council approached the appropriate members of staff and the following notice was issued. This has been posted on our website and social media pages and we hope it will encourage visitors to use our car parks in a safer and more considerate manner:


Notice about parking on the academy site:

For the safety of all our academy community please would all parents/carers who drop off and/or collect students by car please adhere to the following:

• Please park only in marked spaces – in the right hand side car park....
• Please do not park on the roundabout or grass verges.
• Disabled parking spaces should only be used by those with the appropriate badge/permit displayed.
• Only taxis and minibuses should use the left (staff) car park.
• Please do not obstruct the blue collapsible bollards.

Access for emergency vehicles must be maintained.
We are well aware that, at times, there are insufficient parking spaces however the current situation is unacceptable and the academy shares the concerns which have been raised by a number of parents. There have been times when cars have been inconsiderately parked even when spaces were available.
We do encourage our students to walk or cycle to the academy – not only does this reduce traffic congestion but there are health benefits too.
Finally, may we remind everyone that smoking (including the use of e-cigarettes) is prohibited throughout the academy site, including its car parks.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


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