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Parent/Carer Flyer: GCSE Revision Pod Parents Guide

Year 11 Remote Revision Evening - October 2020

Every year in the first half-term we hold a revision evening for parents and carers of Year 11 students. Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment, so we have taken all of the information we would normally share at this event and created a Year 11 revision website instead. Here you will find videos and advice from Miss Lappin and other subject leaders to help you support your children as they prepare for their GCSE exams.


Year 11 Revision on Google Classrooms

Please use the following codes to access two classes that have been set up solely for Year 11 with multiple subjects on and key pieces of revision which should be used when revising for the mock exams:

  • Quizlet: erbZ6jREH 
  • SENECA: cJN6Z2vvU 

General Revision Links

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