School Nurse

School Health Service Team

The School Health Service Team serving Rye Hills school includes the School Nurse who is a Specialist Public Health Nurse specialising in school health, School Staff Nurses & School Nurse Assistants.We monitor & respond to every child's health need throughout their school lives, aiming to promote health by encouraging healthy choices.

We work in partnership with school staff, other health professionals, parents & young people to help ensure achievement of his/her potential.

Our role at Rye Hills:

* Year 7 - provide support to pupils during their transition between primary & secondary school

* Immunisations - The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is offered in Y8 & Diptheria, Tetanus & Polio in Y10. With consent from parents or careers these are administered in school.

* An Individual Health Plan may be completed where there is an identified medical issue. This includes all those with a Life Threatening Allergy for which our team also provides annual training for all staff.

*Confidential Drop-Ins are available every Wednesday 12:30pm to 3:30pm in the SLT Office (behind reception opposite the college offices) with school nurse: Penny Hesletine, for students to discuss personal information, which will only be shared in order to protect a student / someone else from significant harm. Students may request alternative appointment times if needed. We also run a confidential C-Card drop in from 3.15pm on Wednesday in room 207. This session is only available for 14-16 year olds. If you require further information about the C-Card please contact Mr Carney on 01642 484269.

*Health Promotion is offered throughout school & in partnership with teachers. This includes a range of age related sessions.

* Special Needs- the School Nurse may act as key professional co-ordinating information between families & other professionals involved.

* We will liaise with other professionals & agencies & refer as required, offering advice & support on parenting, behaviour management, bed wetting, contraception, domestic violence, substance misuse & family health.
  We will also support looked after children, families involved in Safeguarding & respond to public health priorities such as immunisation campaigns.

* Consent from parents or careers, young person aged 16 or over (deemed competent in accordance with Fraser Guidelines) is required prior to health assessments, referrals (unless there are child protection concerns) and immunisation.

As a team of professionals we are committed to promoting the health & well being of Rye Hills students and the wider community.