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The College System

At Rye Hills students are members of one of three colleges:

Brunel College- blue
Shakespeare College - green
Newton College - purple

Each College is managed by a PSO and assisted by a PSO.

Within each College there are vertical tutor groups which have students from Year 7 - 10. There are a further two Year 11 tutor groups in each college.

We have found that Vertical Tutoring (VT) has greatly improved our school ethos as it:

  • Creates smaller community groups in the school.
  • Promotes a more ‘family-orientated’ approach to school life.
  • Enables students to have a more personalised experience, through good relationships with older peers as a result of smaller tutor groups.
  • Reduces levels of bullying.
  • Raises the level of responsibility in all students.
  • Enables Year 7 students to become more independent with older role models.
  • Allows younger students to witness the school journey, smoothing transition from one stage to the next.
  • Develops a positive competitive ethos.
  • Allows Years 9 and10 to develop greater responsibility and leadership skills for mentoring younger students and organising events for their House or tutor group to take part in.
  • Enables Year 8 students to have a very important role in helping Year 7 with transition issues.
  • Is represenative of the world where we work in mixed-age settings.