School Uniform





Must be worn in the building at all times.  Blazers can be removed in classrooms at the discretion of the teacher.  No other outdoor clothing may be worn in the building.



Ties with College colours must be worn at all times.  Ties must be worn at a length no less than 30 centimetres and be pulled tight to the collar rather than hang loosely. Clip on ties are also available.



White long or short sleeved shirt with top button fastened.  If the top button is missing, the tie must be fastened in such a way as to make it appear that the top button is fastened. 

Fitted blouses or blouses with a collar  unsuitable for wearing a tie.

 Jumper (optional)

Dark grey, V-neck jumper with school logo.


 Trousers (boys)

Black ‘suit-style’ trousers.

Pin striped, denim, corduroy, combat or  skinny-leg styles.

 Trousers (girls)

Smart, ‘suit-style’ black trousers. 

Pin striped, denim, corduroy, leggings,   combat or skinny-leg styles.


Black, knee length skirt, plain or pleated. 

No tight, stretchy lycra material.

No culottes.


Plain, black belt with plain buckle.



Black or grey. Girls may wear plain white socks when wearing a skirt.



Black tights.

Patterned tights.


Plain black shoes that can be polished.

Logos, boots, trainers or plimsolls.


Only bags that are large enough to hold an A4 folder are acceptable.



No extreme colours or styles.


 Hair accessories

Plain, narrow hair band with plain slides and bobbles.

Flowers, bows or wide hair bands.


Watch and one charity band.

Earrings, necklaces, chains, body piercings, bracelets anklets and rings.


Discreet make-up. Clear nail varnish which must be removed for catering classes.

Coloured nail varnish, false eye lashes.


Blazer, tie and sweater can only be purchased from Quickastich 

19 West Terrace, Redcar, Cleveland, TS10 1DP

Telephone: 01642 487 720

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