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Rye Hills Academy is very proud to be at the heart of the local community. Our students play an active role in the wider community of Redcar, Teesside and the world beyond. Over the last few years our students have helped to raise a significant sum of money for a wide range of charities and good causes, helping people here and abroad. These include The Smiles Foundation, Remembering Rebecca, Comic Relief, The Junction, Food Bank, Teenage Cancer Trust, Children in Need and others. The thing that has impressed us most is that it is often the students themselves are the driving force behind the fundraising and coming up with the ideas of who they would like to support and how they would like to raise the money. The charitable side of our students is truly amazing.

The academy’s music department has provided entertainment to some of Redcar’s old age pensioners. A group of Y10 GCSE music students visited Inglewood nursing home to sing to the residents. The entertaining performance was thoroughly enjoyed by both the residents and the staff from the home.

Many of our after-school activities, such as sport, music, film, catering and drama, offer students the chance to share their skills and interests with young people and adults from outside of the school. This experience of the wider world leaves students better placed to be active citizens when they finish school.

A number of organisations use our premises as a base. These include several sports teams, martial arts organisations, a slimming club, keep fit clubs, craft activities and various other leisure pursuits.

Our Friends Association arranges events throughout the year which are open to the community.

We welcome the opportunity to get involved with the local community and we would like to hear from you if you have any ideas of how we can join in.

Please contact the academy via our contactus@ryehills.rac.sch.uk email or telephone 01642 484269 if you would like to discuss any community matters.