myON - Digital Reading Platform









What is myON?

myON is a digital reading platform that provides students with 24/7 access to thousands of fiction and non-fiction digital books, in English, Spanish, and additional languages. myON News provides access to daily news articles written just for children and is within the myON platform.

How does myON work? 

Once logged in, students can browse thousands of digital books and different genres. As students read on their favorite digital device they can mark-up pages, highlight words, listen to audio versions, and interact with the enhanced digital books.

How to access myON

Students in KS3 have all been issued login details for Accelerated Reader, these are the same for myON. YOur English teacher will explain to you how to access the programme and the titles available. Once you have this information you can then access it from home. Click on the logo above and it will take you to your log in page.