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Plans for the return to school after June half term - 27th May 2021

Students have all attended an assembly in the week beginning 24th May in which these plans were explained.

This letter was emailed to parents/carers on Friday 21st May 2021:

Plans for return to school after June half term 

Face Coverings Update from Monday 17th May 2021 

Letter to Parents/Carers: Face Coverings in School from 17th May 2021

A reminder that students should be self-testing at home twice per week and recording the results as per the instructions in the booklet they were given.

Top-up test kits were given out this week via form tutors.

Face coverings in schools and colleges to remain in place - 8th April 2021

I hope everyone is enjoying the Easter break. Just to keep you up-to-date in advance of the return after the holidays. On Tuesday 6th April the Government confirmed that the wearing of face coverings in classrooms, as well as in communal areas, will continue when we return after Easter, as an extra precaution to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and keep everyone safe. The students were excellent at this before we broke up and I’m sure this will continue. Just letting you know so that you can ensure your children have their face masks ready for Monday’s return.

Also, if consent has been given, please can I remind you to test your child on Sunday night or Monday morning before they return to the academy.

With best wishes, Mrs Waugh

For your information the message from the Government and the Department for Education is below:

Covid poster

Covid Tests Results Letter - 19th March 2021

Covid Testing Results Letter 19/03/21

Schools Infection Survey - 10th March 2021

Please help us stay open!

Along with another 150 schools across England, Rye Hills Academy is taking part in the COVID-19 Schools Infection Survey (SIS), this is a national study that aims to help experts better understand the virus, and how it is transmitted. By being a part of this vital national study, your participation is not only helping experts, but is also helping us to protect school pupils, staff and their families. This in turn, can help reduce school closures and further lockdowns and help keep everyone safe from the virus. The next round of SIS testing of pupils and staff is happening on 25th/26th March, it’s not too late to sign up, just follow this link:

and enter this number 144027. 

This survey requires new consent and a different test to the lateral flow tests that are currently being carried out in school to ensure the safe return of all students.

Taking part involves a non-invasive test for pupils that only takes a few minutes and can help to track the virus within schools keeping staff, pupils, and their families safe.  

Equipment - Are you ready for school?  - 2nd March 2021


School Uniform - Have you got everything? - 2nd March 2021

School Uniform for Return

We do have some items of spare uniform. Please contact your child’s College office this week if you need any support with uniform.

Return to School March 2021 - 1st March 2021

Letter to Parents/Carers explaining phased return and COVID testing March 2021

Update Letter - 26th February 2021

Brief Update February 26th 2021

Academy Re-opening Information - 23rd February 2021

Reopening Week Commencing 8th March 2021

To view the most up-to-date guidance on Coronavirus please check the website regularly:

Update for Parents/Carers - February 9th 2021

Parent/Carer Update 09/02/21

Information for students who have received a laptop from the academy:

When you received your laptop there was an instructional leaflet accompanying it. Here is the information online: 

Getting started with your Microsoft Windows device

Update for Parents/Carers - February 1st 2021

Parent/Carer Update 01.02.21

Update for Parents/Carers - January 26th 2021

Parent/Carer Update 22.01.21

Redcar & Cleveland Council Coronavirus Aysymptomatic Rapid Testing from January 25th 2021:

People over 18 can be tested at Redcar Heart Leisure Centre (in the car park on Ridley Street) between 8am-6.30pm, Monday-Friday. This service is aimed at Key Workers/those who cannot work from home and for anyone who does not have symptoms.

To book the above asymptomatic test visit the RCBC Website here.

To book a test at a Mobile Testing Unit if you are symptomatic:

Please visit this website to book: RCBC Book a Coronavirus Test

Deadline for ONS Home Antibodies Testing Extended - Tuesday 19th January 2021:

Letter to Headteacher - Extended Deadline

Changes to ONS Infection Survey - Friday 15th January 2021

Good afternoon, 

This is an update on changes to the Office of National Statistics Schools Infection Survey.

Due to the impact/consequences of school closures, test round 3 is CANCELLED. Based on current plans, our next visit to the school is scheduled for mid-March.

As an alternative we are offering antibody home test kits to all new participants or participants missed in previous rounds due to unavailability e.g. absent from school.

This means a test kit will be sent to your home address with full step-by-step instructions on use.  The deadline for registering for this test is 23 January

  • For pupils the test is an oral fluid (saliva) sample – involves putting a small sponge into the mouth for two minutes to test for the antibodies against the COVID-19 virus.  

COVID–19 Schools Infection Study

Remote Education Provision - Wednesday 13th January 2021

Rye Hills Academy Remote Education Provision

Covid-19 'Rapid Flow Testing' - Tuesday 12th January 2021

As you may be aware schools are starting to test asymptomatic students and staff for COVID-19 using 'rapid flow tests'. Please read the attached information carefully and complete the consent form (linked below) to enable the testing to commence. If you have any questions in relation to the information attached, or the testing process, please get in touch using the email address:

Many thanks,

Rye Hills Academy

Reminder for Parents/Carers - Monday 11th January 2021

Please can we remind parents/carers of the following:

If anyone in your household/support bubble has symptoms, is waiting for a test result, or has received a positive test, please do not send your child to school.

Contact information and advice on reporting positive test results and attendance to the academy is available here:

If students need to isolate


Letter About Lockdown - Tuesday 5th January 2021

Letter about lockdown 05/01/21


Changes to January 2021 Letter UPDATE - 31st December 2020

Updated Information about Academy Reopening in January 2021

Google Classroom Codes are here.

Changes to January 2021 Letter - 18th December 2020

Please read the below publication explaining the change to the start of term in January:

Changes to January Opening Letter 18/12/20

Google Classroom Codes are here.

Positive COVID case in Year 8 – single case - 17th December 2020

Positive COVID case in Year 8 – single case

Positive COVID case in Year 10 – single case - 16th December 2020

Positive COVID case in Year 10 – single case

Christmas Letter 2020 - 15th December 2020

Please read the following letter which has end/start of term arrangements, revised start/finish times (below) and important information regarding Covid-19 during the Christmas holidays: Christmas Letter 2020 15/12/20

Revised Start and Finish Times from 4th January 2021:


Year 7 

Year 8 

Year 9 

Year 10 

Year 11 

Start time 





8am if at intervention. 

8:35am if not 

Finish time 






Covid-19 Update - 11th December 2020

As we close the academy this Friday evening, we have received no information about positive Covid-19 results for any student who took part in the Office for National Statistics and Public Health random testing scheme on Monday or Tuesday. Therefore, unless you have received anything from them directly, it is safe to assume your child's test result was negative. If you have, please can you contact the attendance team and let them know. The planned date for the next round of testing for this programme is in the new year.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for a few test results, conducted outside of school, as we close today. We will contact close contacts via text message and/or email over the weekend if there are any positive results and this affects any other students in the academy. The dates for isolation will follow in a letter next week.

Best wishes, Mrs Waugh

Christmas/Covid Update - 7th December 2020

Letter for Parents/Carers regarding Christmas/Covid Update

Covid Catch Up - 3rd December 2020

COVID-19 Catch-up Plan


Where can you get a Coronavirus Test? - w/b 30th November 2020

Anyone with the symptoms of Coronavirus should book a test. Testing is available locally.

Please check the Redcar & Cleveland Council website for a weekly update of mobile testing sites:

Anyone with Covid-19 symptoms and who wants a test at the Regional Testing Site or one of the Mobile Testing Units should book beforehand by ringing 119 or by going to

Anyone who requires further information about testing should go to

Covid Update - Friday 27th November 2020

An update on Covid related matters for parents/carers

Message regarding Y9/19 ONs Covid Testing - Friday 20th November 2020

As we close the academy this Friday evening, we have received no information about positive Covid-19 results for any student who took part in the Office for National Statistics and Public Health random testing scheme on Monday or Tuesday. Therefore, unless you have received anything from them directly, it is most likely safe to assume your child's test result was negative. If you have, please can you contact the attendance team and let them know. The planned date for the next round of testing for this programme is Monday 7th December 2020.

Best wishes, Mrs Waugh

Message for all students - Monday 16th November 2020

If anyone in your house (or at a house you have slept at) or childcare bubble:

  • Has symptoms
  • Is booking a test
  • Is having a test
  • Is waiting for a test result

You must not come to school until a negative result is received. Please remind your parents/carers of this when you need to.

Following this rule will prevent the spread and ensure that less students and staff in school are affected. If you are unsure do not come to school and ask your parents/carers to ring the attendance office for advice.

Thanks, Mrs Waugh

Positive COVID cases in Year 7 and Year 9 - Siblings - Friday 13th November 2020

Positive COVID cases in Year 7 and Year 9 - Siblings - Information for parents/carers

Covid Update - Friday 13th November 2020

Covid Update - Friday 13th November 2020

Single positive COVID cases in Year 8 - Wednesday 11th November 2020

Single positive COVID cases in Year 8 - Information for parents/carers

If your child thinks they may have had close contact, please contact the attendance office immediately on 01642 759991.  

Positive COVID cases in Year 7 and Year 9 - Siblings - Monday 9th November 2020

Positive COVID cases in Year 7 and Year 9 - Siblings - Letter

If your child thinks they may have had close contact, please contact the attendance office immediately on 01642 759991.  

School Lunches - Update  - Monday 9th November 2020

Thank you for your cooperation today with lunches.

From tomorrow (Tuesday 10th November) our caterer has agreed to increase the choice on offer to include a hot panini option.

Keep checking here for further updates and thank you again for your support and understanding.

Positive COVID case Staff - School Kitchen - Sunday 8th November 2020

Packed lunches needed for Monday...

We have been advised by our catering provider that there has been a positive case of Covid amongst the kitchen staff and therefore a number of catering staff who have been in prolonged close contact with the positive case, need to self-isolate following advice from Public Health.

Due to a lack of staff in the company to come to Rye Hills to cover the self-isolation period, students and staff will need to bring packed lunches from Monday.

If students are eligible for Free School Meals there will be cold food grab bags provided.

Sorry for any inconvenience and hopefully hot food and usual service will resume as soon as possible. When we have an exact date we will let you know.

Many thanks,

Mrs Waugh

New National Restrictions from Thursday 5th November to Wednesday 2nd December 2020:

End of October half term update letter:

End of October half term update - October 2020

COVID-19 Information and Advice

Up to date information from our attendance team: Information for Parents and Carers on Reporting Absence and Covid Attendance Changes. - September 2020.

Public Health England have produced a letter for schools to distribute to parents which explains when a person requires a coronavirus test and what the symptoms of coronavirus are: PHE - Letter to Parents and Guardians 23rd September 2020

We have received a great deal of queries about the symptoms of COVID-19 and when to seek a test or self isolate etc... and we thought some of this information may be of help to you. We are not medical professionals and can only follow the official advice and guidance put in place by our local authority, the GovernmentDFENHS, and WHO

As we approach the winter months there will be lots of colds and flu going around and it is important to  try and recognise the different symptoms and know when to seek medical advice and when to quarantine. Common cold symptoms such as a cough, runny nose and sneezing should not prevent a child from attending school and can usually be treated with over the counter medicines. Please ensure when coughing or sneezing you cover your mouth/nose with your arm and dispose of tissues in the grey Covid/PPE bins provided around the academy as well as washing or sanitising your hands afterwards. This will help to prevent the spread of colds and viruses.



ITV NEWS: Coronavirus Explainer - A selection of articles to help you understand all things COVID-19 related.

BBC News: Covid symptoms: Is it a cold, flu or coronavirus?


Government Guidance: New campaign to prevent spread of coronavirus indoors this winter - 10th September 2020.

Government Guidance: What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. - 1st September 2020

A message from the Local Authority for parents/carers - 9th September 2020.

RCBC COVID Message to parents

Weekend Contact Information - In the case of a positive COVID-19 test result ONLY (not to report symptoms). - 9th September 2020.

In the unfortunate event that your child receives a positive test result for COVID-19 over a weekend (and your child has been in the academy and in contact with others leading up to this), please contact us via the following e-mail address immediately so that we can act upon this information and contact other parents/carers of students who may have been in contact with your child.

Or complete the online form on our website here:

Year Group - Timings of the Day from September 2020

Timings of the day for each year group.

How We Will Keep Each Other Safe:

Click here to find out how we will keep each other safe in the academy.

COVID-19 One-Way Systems:

Map of one-way systems in place within the academy

Guides Showing How Things Will Be Different In September

Picture Guide 1 - September 2020

Picture Guide 2 - September 2020

Face Masks

Notice from Mrs Waugh: Face Masks Letter Home - August 2020

Please read the attached letter about the use of face masks when we return to school next week. This applies to all students (Y7-11) and teachers when in communal spaces indoors.

COVID Statement