Rewards and Awards

Rewards and awards are fundamental to achieving a positive learning environment. Positive behaviour will be logged on the Cloud School system with points linked to each category of positive behaviour. 

Rye Hills Academy firmly believes that rewarding positive behaviour leads to greater success and raised aspirations. Our rewards system is built on the belief that intrinsic rewards, such as pride and satisfaction in doing well, builds determination, self-respect and a resilience to achieve aspirations. That is why we encourage praise throughout the academy and look for positive behaviours in class and around the building.

We also understand the importance of extrinsic rewards to recognise achievements in a tangible or visible form. This allows students to be acknowledged by peers and parents/carers and can provide some incentive to achieve goals. That is why we do such things as award certificates, write letters/postcards home, display students’ work and organise reward events. 

*During the current pandemic, some events cannot be organised. Alternative rewards will replace these until we can resume.

Award Badges

Award badges were launched in 2017/18 and continue to be a huge success with students. Students who gain the net points threshold for a badge are invited to reward events such as discos, film night and exotic animal event. Those who wear their badges with pride have the opportunity to receive on the spot rewards.

Points needed for each badge: Bronze 300, Silver 400, Gold 500, Platinum 600

2020/2021 Award Badge Winners

Badge Design Winners (1)


Academy Awards Evening - June 2021 (Invitations will be sent out to students receiving an award - pending COVID-19 restrictions).

Celebrating Attendance News

Congratulations to Charlie for having 100% attendance in September/October half term and for winning a brand new Echo Dot in the first attendance prize draw of the year. 

Thank you to Vision for Education for donating the first prize in our first (of many) Attendance Challenges.

There will be other rewards on offer and certificates will be emailed out to all successful pupils and parents/carers.

Remember, you have to be in it to win it, Good Luck!

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Forthcoming Attendance Awards


Celebrating Positive Points

Mrs Waugh rewards the student in each year group who has the most positive and zero negative points on a weekly basis.

Form Celebrations

Each week the best performing form class for punctuality, attendance and most positive points are celebrated.  Every half term, the best form class in each category are presented with a trophy and a treat for all of the class!


Half Term Reward Assemblies

Every half term there are award assemblies for each year group, celebrating achievements. Students are entered into a prize draw for 100% attendance, 100% punctuality, zero negative points and most positive points.

Secret Student!

Every week a student from each year group is randomly selected.  If they earn 7 or more positive points they win a treat for all of their form class!