Rewards and Awards

Rewards and awards are fundamental to achieving a positive learning environment. Positive behaviour will be logged on the Progresso system with points linked to each category of positive behaviour. 

Rye Hills Academy firmly believes that rewarding positive behaviour leads to greater success and raised aspirations. Our rewards system is built on the belief that intrinsic rewards, such as pride and satisfaction in doing well, builds determination, self-respect and a resilience to achieve aspirations. That is why we encourage praise throughout the academy and look for positive behaviours in class and around the building.

We also understand the importance of extrinsic rewards to recognise achievements in a tangible or visible form. This allows students to be acknowledged by peers and parents/carers and can provide some incentive to achieve goals. That is why we do such things as award certificates, write letters/postcards home, display students’ work and organise reward events. We also have a Passport to the Prom which has proven highly motivational to our Year 11 students.

Award Badges

Award badges were launched in 2017/18 and were a huge success with students. Students who gained the net points threshold for a badge were invited to reward events such as discos, film night, exotic animal event, those who wore their badges with pride were often given on the spot rewards for doing so.


The net points threshold for each badge is as follows:

2019 Award BadgePicture1


2019 Award BadgePicture2


2019 Award BadgePicture3


2019 Award BadgeIMG_4163


*Design by Madalyn Horton, Year 8


Academy Awards Evening - Thursday 4th July 2019 (Invitations will be sent out to students receiving an award)