Humanities at Rye Hills Academy is made up of 3 subject areas: History, Geography and Religion & Life.

All students study all 3 subjects at Key Stage 3 and all students continue to study R&L at Key Stage 4. In years 10 and 11, History and Geography form a key and popular part of the Baccalaureate for some students, whilst others may choose to drop one or both in Key Stage 4.

Humanities is taught by a very experienced and enthusiastic team of specialist staff, each with a dedicated classroom on one corridor on the top floor of the school. Vibrant, stimulating and topical displays fill the area both inside and outside the classrooms showing a huge range of student work across the key stages.

Our schemes of work are continually updated to take in topical themes (e.g. centenary of the sinking of Titanic) or news items (e.g.: flooding,  earthquakes).

We pride ourselves in working as a team, sharing good practice and encouraging cross-curricular themes wherever possible.

Many of our GCSE students go on to study Humanities subjects at A Level and at Degree level at University. We now have ex-students who are lawyers, teachers, journalists, archaeologists, in the Police Force and in tourism – to name but a few – all using and building on the key skills learned in Humanities.

Here you will find out all about Geography at the Academy...