Geography is a fantastic subject to learn about the state of our world today. Geography is always in the news, whether it be flooding in the UK or an earthquake in Japan, and learning about Geography can help us understand why these events occur. Geography raises more questions than it can answer; is the climate changing? Why is there a refugee problem in Europe? What causes heatwaves? Why some countries less developed than others? Step inside Geography and find out. There is a whole wide world to explore!

The geography course at KS3 aims to prepare students for the GCSE course in Key Stage 4. Students follow various themes in each year in physical and human geography. These themes are incorporated into a regional study in each year. Geographical skills are developed in each topic building up investigation skills, map skills, graphical skills and fieldwork.

In KS4 students follow AQA GCSE Geography. This is a two year course starting in Year 10. The course includes various themes in the physical and human world, with an emphasis on UK geography and comparing this to another location around the world. Two fieldwork trips are compulsory and tested in a third exam paper. 

Learning Journey

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