KS4 Creative and Performing Arts - Acting

RSL Level 2 Technical Award

What is the course about?

This qualification allows you to:

  • experience different styles of performance and unlock you own creativity
  • develop your acting skills through improvised, devised and scripted work
  • plan and rehearse performances working with others
  • perform effectively on-stage in an acting role
  • analyse and evaluate your own acting skills and provide feedback to others
  • analyse scripts and learn rehearsal techniques to bring a text and character to life
  • Experience professional live theatre as an audience member

What qualification will I gain?

You will gain a L1/2 Technical Award from RSL in Creative and Performing Arts (acting pathway).  This is a fairly new vocational qualification which carries the same weighting as GCSE’s and is therefore acknowledged by colleges.

You will be awarded an overall grade:

  • Pass (equivalent to a 4 at GCSE)
  • Merit (equivalent to 6/7 at GCSE)
  • Distinction (equivalent to 7/8 at GCSE).

How will I be assessed?

Optional Unit: Performing Texts   

50% of the qualification

Core Unit: Live Performance

50% of the qualification

Assessed by your teacher and moderated by the exam board

Assessed by an external examiner

You will study two play texts, one classic play and one modern play. These will be chosen by your teacher.

You will research and rehearse the play texts and then act out a short extract or scene from each text, either in pairs or as a small group.

You will evaluate your performance and acting skills, discussing what you did well and how you could improve.

The exam board will issue a performance brief in January of Y11, which is the exam paper.

You will work as part of a group to plan, rehearse and perform a 20 minute performance (acting) to an audience.

You will evaluate your performance, identifying what went well and how it could be improved.

Assessment Tasks

Task 1 – You will write a summary of the play and it’s characters and describe how you will bring the text to life in performance (written task)

Task 2 – you will rehearse and then perform your scene/ extract to an audience (practical task)

Task 3 – You will write an evaluation of your own performance (written task)


There is no written exam to this unit but the unit must be completed under timed, controlled conditions and during an assessment window set by the exam board (between Jan-March of Y11)

Task 1 – You will have 7 hours of lesson time to plan your performance with your group and write up your plan under controlled conditions.

Task 2 – You will have 10 hours of lesson time to rehearse and perform your performance under controlled conditions.

Task 3 – You will have 3 hours of lesson time to write an evaluation under controlled conditions.

What will the lessons be like?

The lessons will be mostly practical acting, rehearsing and performing sessions however, there will be frequent written tasks to complete to prepare you for the assessed units where you have to write about your performances under controlled conditions.

What will this course prepare me for?

After you have completed the course, you can go on to higher study such as:

  • GCE Drama and Theatre Studies at AS and A2 level;
  • BTEC National Performing Arts or RSL Level 3 creative and Performing Arts;
  • A range of career choices which require you to have confidence, work well with others and communicate well with people. This is every job!!

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