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Student Attendance:


How do I report my child will be absent from the academy.

To report an absence ring attendance office direct on 01642 759991 - an answer machine is available.

If my child has a medical appointment during the school day, what do I do?

If the student needs to leave school during the school day, please provide them with a note which should be taken to their College Office to be signed by their Pastoral Support Officer or to the attendance office.  If possible, students should return to the academy following any appointment.

My child has a football match (or any other sporting activity) during school time.  How do I get permission for a day off?

School needs to receive a letter from the sporting club confirming the pupil is participating and complete a leave of absence form.  Leave of absence forms are available from the school office or attendance office.

Where does my child go if s/he is late for school?

If between 8.35 and 9:00 am students go through the door near the dining hall and sign the book.   If after 9:00 am students should arrive through the main reception and sign in.

Why does the school have to address students who have under 95% attendance? 

Student attendance is directly linked to outcomes.  Rye Hills Academy wants students to maximise their potential and work closely with parents / carers to encourage excellent attendance.  We set the students a minimum target of 96% attendance and offer support and guidance to those who drop below 95%.

Why do we have to provide medical evidence?

In certain cases, where there are attendance concerns, we ask for medical evidence to support absences to ensure we are able to validate absences.  Also, an awareness of any medical concerns will help us to support a student’s learning.

My child has an appointment during school hours, what do I do?

As is the case with a medical appointment, the student should take their appointment card (or evidence of the appointment) to the Attendance Office.

I've had my holiday request returned as "unauthorised", what does that mean?

Term time holidays are not authorised by the Academy unless there are extreme circumstances.  A holiday taken during term time will be marked as ‘unauthorised’ and referred to the Local Authority who may issue a Penalty Notice.

Can you see if my child is in school?

Again, this information is available on your child’s Progresso account.

Can I come and collect my child now?

In the case of an emergency, please ring to say you are on your way and we will ensure your child is brought down to reception.



Will someone definitely get my voicemail?

As far as is practicable, voicemail messages are responded to immediately, or as soon as possible following receipt.  With the exception of academy holidays and weekends, messages left on the academy’s main switchboard are continuously monitored and actioned.

I've had a missed call, I don't know who it's from, can you find out?

Regardless of which department extension is used to ring out from the academy, dialling 1471 will only give the academy’s main switchboard number.  Our receptionist will always endeavour to find out who has made a call, but unfortunately this is not always possible.  In the case of an emergency / illness etc., we will keep trying to contact the various emergency contact numbers listed for a student.

I need to see someone, can I come in now?

Our staff are happy to meet with parents, but are very busy so please ring to make an appointment. 

What time will my child's teacher be in school until?

If you want to speak to your child’s teacher you should contact the academy in the first instance, who will request that the member of staff contacts you.  Although teaching staff finish teaching and supervising students at 3:30 pm, they often have after school clubs, meetings, training sessions etc., which means that availability after 3:30 pm can be limited.

My child is struggling in a specific subject.

Who do I contact?

In the first instance you should contact your child’s subject teacher or the Subject Leader. 

We've moved/changed phone number/etc,, can I give you that information over the phone?

To ensure accuracy, any change of a student’s details should be made in writing.  This can be done via a note or by email and should be taken to the main office.

Can you check if my child is on detention tonight?

This information is available to parents online via their child’s Progresso account.  If you do not already have access, please contact progresso@ryehills.rac.sch.uk to be given a username and password.  However, if you don’t have access to the internet, your child’s College Pastoral Mentor will be able to update you.

My child is in Year 9 and about to choose his/her KS4 options. Where can I find out more information about this?

KS4 Options key dates as well as information about subject choices will be posted on our website once available: http://www.ryehills.co.uk/92/ks4-options

Where can I get the latest news on events, etc., that are happening in the academy?

We would encourage you to follow the latest academy news by going to:

Twitter - @RyeHillsAcademy


Facebook - @RyeHillsAcademy 


or for the latest in what is happening regarding careers information



Where can my child find out about applying for his/her Post 16 options?

The Careers Leader is available each day in the Careers Library and can assist with any queries and help your child apply to college or an apprenticeship.

Youth Direction will be in school each week and will provide impartial careers advice and guidance to all students in Y11 in the form of interviews and drop in sessions.

Careers information and key dates are posted on our website here: http://www.ryehills.co.uk/54/careers-education-information-advice-guidance-ceiag

We also have a Careers at Rye Hills Facebook page which is updated regularly: https://www.facebook.com/careersatryehills/



How much is a school dinner?

Currently, the cost of a school dinner is £2.25. 

How do I pay for school dinners?

School would prefer that payments are made via the online ParentPay system.


Alternatively you can give your child cash / cheques to credit their lunch money account.

How do I apply for a Free School Meal? Will I be entitled?

You can view information about this on our website here: http://www.ryehills.co.uk/293/free-school-meals

Information is also available at Main Reception

When does the Free School Meal allowance get credited to his/her account?

Free School Meal allowance is put onto a student’s account at mid-day each day.

Is there a way I can see what food my child is buying at school?

The Catering Manager is able to provide a print-out of everything a student has purchased, on request.

Uniform / PE Kit:


Where do I get school uniform from?

All you need to know about school uniform is here:


Where do I get PE kit from?

Information about The school PE Kit plus an order form is here: http://www.ryehills.co.uk/247/pe-kit

Payment should be made via ParentPay.


How long does it take for PE kit to come?

Typically, two to four weeks once an order form and payment has been submitted.

What PE kit is compulsory?

Information about The school PE Kit is here:


Have you got a PE kit in lost property?

Yes. The PE lost property is situated in the PE department and is emptied at the end of every half term.



When is the exam season?

Information about exam dates will be posted on our website here: http://www.ryehills.co.uk/61/exam-dates

Do they have exams in Y7/8/9/10?

When are they?

Information about exam dates will be posted on our website here: http://www.ryehills.co.uk/61/exam-dates

Academy Calendar:


When is my child’s Parents Evening?

The dates of our Parents’ Evenings will be on our academy calendar: http://www.ryehills.co.uk/60/calendar

When will I get a school report?

Information, including dates, are here:


When are the PD Days for the next academy year?

Term dates including PD days are posted on our website here: http://www.ryehills.co.uk/62/term-dates

When's the prom?

The date of the prom will be on our school calendar:


When are school photos?

Year 7 school photos take place in the first week after the summer holidays.

What time is P1/P2/break, etc?

You can see the timings of the school day here: http://www.ryehills.co.uk/79/welcome

When's the prom?

The date of the prom will be on our school calendar:


When are school photos?

Year 7 school photos take place in the first week after the summer holidays.



I've brought some paracetamol/hayfever tablets etc. for my child, can you pass it on?

No.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept any non-prescribed medication in school.

Where can my child go to use a computer/printer or to study and when?

The school library is available most days for students to book a computer during break time, lunchtimes and after school until 4:15pm. Further information about this can be viewed here on our website: http://www.ryehills.co.uk/51/library

How do I pay for trips/music tuition/extra-curricular activities etc?

All school activities requiring payment will be accessible via ParentPay.


My child left a bag in a classroom/locker before the holidays, do you still have it?

Students are informed two weeks prior to the end of term that lockers will be emptied over the summer holidays and anything within them disposed of.  Students are strongly advised to remove all their personal possessions from lockers

Where can I find information about services within the local area

Information can be found on the following link:


My child has had their mobile phone confiscated, what do I do?

A copy of our Behaviour Policy is available here: http://www.ryehills.co.uk/uploads/document/2_147_behaviour-policy-rha-approved-15-july-2020.pdf