Team 2019

Team 19 refers to pupils leaving Rye Hills in Summer 2019.

Here you will find information, advice, newsletters etc... 

Year 11 Coordinator

The Year 11 Coordinator is Miss Lappin.

Golden Tickets

Golden tickets were launched in academic year 2016-2017 and proved to be a huge success.

  • Year 11 pupils are given a specific and different focus in each fortnightly cycle. For example 'Going above and beyond' and 'Engagement in Learning'. 
  • Staff write the student's name, reason for presenting the golden ticket, date and sign it before handing it to the student.
  • There is no limit to the amount of Golden Tickets students can earn.
  • It is then 'THE STUDENTS' responsibility to place the ticket in the Golden letter box which is situated on the main upstairs corridor opposite the library.
  • Pupils then have a chance to win a voucher (e.g.: Nandos or Cinema tickets) in assembly.

Prom Points

Prom Points System 2018/19

When will it start?

Monday 16th July 2018

How do students earn points?

  • Attending intervention sessions;
  • Going above and beyond;
  • 100% attendance (per half-term);
  • Punctuality;
  • Summer tasks.

Can students lose points?

Yes, all logged negative behaviour events result in a deduction of points.  Below are some examples of common negative behaviour events:

  • Missed homework;
  • Missed intervention;
  • Poor attitude in lessons;
  • Not prepared for lessons;
  • Incorrect uniform;
  • Lateness;
  • Interruptions in lessons;
  • Littering.

Automatic Prom Bans

Students will receive an automatic prom ban for:

  • Internal and external truancy;
  • Smoking at school or on the way to and from school;
  • Being in isolation on more than one occasion;
  • Being excluded for any reason.

The Head of School reserves the right to ban a student from Prom for a one off incident.

Managing prom points and communication to parents/students

  • The prom points system will be explained to students via an assembly;
  • Students will receive a prom points update fortnightly from their form tutor;
  • Parents will receive this information sheet about the system in July 2018;
  • In the event of an automatic prom ban being issued, parents will receive telephone communication and a letter confirming the reasons for this ban.

It is important that students and parents understand that and automatic prom ban is final. 

Rewards for Y11

  • Opportunity to buy a leaver’s hoody
  • Invitation to leaver’s assembly
  • Golden Ticket monthly prize draw
  • Prize for student with the most prom points

Find out more about Year 11 Summer Programmes here: