Team 2018

Team 18 refers to pupils leaving Rye Hills in Summer 2018.

Here you will find information, advice, newsletters etc... 

Year 11 Coordinator

The Year 11 Coordinator is Mrs Wilkinson. 

Golden Tickets

Golden tickets were launched last academic year (2016-2017) and proved to be a huge success.

  • Year 11 pupils are given a specific and different focus in each fortnightly cycle. For example 'Going above and beyond' and 'Engagement in Learning'. 
  • Staff write the student's name, reason for presenting the golden ticket, date and sign it before handing it to the student.
  • There is no limit to the amount of Golden Tickets students can earn.
  • It is then 'THE STUDENTS' responsibility to place the ticket in the Golden letter box which is situated on the main upstairs corridor opposite the library.
  • Pupils then have a chance to win a voucher (e.g.: Nandos or Cinema tickets) in assembly.

Prom Points

Over the past few years we have run a points system throughout Year 11 for students to earn points for the right to attend Prom.

We will be continuing this over the coming academic year. Students will be provided with a Prom passport to look after throughout the year and gather the required amount of points. 

Points can be earned by:

  • Good attendance (apart from in exceptional circumstances we expect all students to have an attendance percentage of at least 95% to allow them to attend the prom)
  • Good behaviour
  • Self – Study
  • Attending Booster and Revision sessions (there will be a full programme running throughout the year)
  • Going above and beyond what is expected
  • Performance in the PPE (mock) exams in the winter term and the spring term

Points will be taken away for (the sanctions stated is not an exhaustive list):

  • Arriving late (morning or afternoon)
  • Missing intervention sessions
  • Not completing work, homework or revision
  • Poor behaviour and/or attitude

It is very important that both parents and students are aware that there are some ‘red card’ incidents that will take away the right to go to prom immediately.

These are any student caught:

  • Truanting from the academy or from lessons within school
  • Smoking or vaping on the way to or from school
  • Smoking or vaping on the school premises

Or any students who are:

  • In Reflection (internal exclusion) on more than one occasion
  • Excluded for any reason

Please try to avoid spending any money on Prom clothing, transport or anything else associated with the Prom until your son/daughter has earned the points through the passport.

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