Top Tips



In year 6 you will have been used to having a few teachers. At Rye Hills you will have to get used to quite a few more! 

Most of you will have about 14 teachers or so teaching you at some point in the year. Different teachers teach different subjects. So, you will have a teacher for English, a teacher for History etc. Sometimes you may have more than one teacher attached to a subject. There are also: teaching assistants, caretakers, technicians, cover assistants, cleaners, dinner ladies and many more adults around school. 

So many new faces can be quite worrying, which is why we give you some more familiar faces to learn, such as your tutor, College Pastoral Officer and College Pastoral Leader. 

The best advice I can give to any new students starting here is that first impressions count!

Good examples of creating positive first impressions are:

  • Saying hello, thank you and please.
  • Holding doors open for adults.
  • Wearing the correct uniform to lessons.
  • Being prepared with your planner, bag, pencil case and equipment.
  • Remembering to obey the school rules about behaviour.
  • Smiling.

Remember just as you will be getting used to us in September, we will be doing the same, and getting used to you.

So if you have any problems then speak to us and we will do our best to help.

Top Tips:

top tips

  • Pack your bag the night before school. 
  • Never leave organisation to the last minute.
  • Enlarge a copy of your timetable and colour code it. Stick it on your bedroom wall.
  • Keep all of your school stuff together in one place. If you have a desk at home use it.
  • Get used to looking at your planner every night to make sure you haven't forgotten something.
  • Keep house / bike / locker keys on a key chain.
  • Make sure that your name and form is written on everything using permanent marker.
  • Ask someone at home to check that you have got everything you need for the day.
  • Never leave your bag / belongings unattended in school. Especially during break / lunch. 


The Problem...

What to do...

I don't understand!


If you do not understand something in a lesson, then you need to simply put your hand up and ask your teacher. They are there to help you, so you must tell them if you get stuck.

If your question is something more general and not about the work you are doing in lessons, then your form tutor is a good person to ask.

I don't feel well.


If you do not feel well, you need to tell the teacher and they will sign your planner if you need to go your college office. Making sure that you have eaten breakfast and have bottled water in school can help you feel well.

I am late to school or need to sign out.

The doors close every morning at 8:35. After this you need to sign in at the side entrance. Tutors give a 10 minute detention for lateness. In order to sign out you will need a note from home to explain where you are going and this needs to be shown at your college office or attendance.

I am being bullied.

Rye Hills operates a zero tolerance policy towards bullying. The most important thing is that you tell somebody. There are lots of people you can speak to, including your form tutor, your College Pastoral Officer or Head of College.

How should I enter a classroom?

When you enter a classroom you will always be seated boy/girl and directed where to sit by your teacher. Enter quietly and sensibly. Remove your coat and place it with your bag in the locker provided if you are working in a practical room. Coats should be placed on the back of your chair and bags stowed safely under the desk in a normal classroom. Make sure you have all equipment out on your desk including your planner and pencil case ready for the lesson to begin.

Am I allowed to use my mobile phone in school?

You are allowed to bring a mobile phone to school but this must be switched off and at the bottom of your bag during lesson time. At break and lunch you may use your phone but only in the webs (outside). It’s ok to: Text, play games, listen to music, look online, contact home. It’s not ok to: use your phones to bully, take photographs of people or record videos in school.

What must I bring for P.E?

On your first day you are not expected to bring your PE kit but once you have your timetable you must have all equipment in school. The kit for boys and girls is the same and essential items are listed on the School Uniform Guide. All items of PE kit except footwear can be ordered through the PE department and will normally be delivered on your first day in September. Please ensure all kit is marked clearly with your name.

Where can I keep my things?

Most tutor rooms have lockers and you may use a locker as long as you supply a suitable lock for your door. Your possessions are your responsibility and you must ensure that you do not leave items lying around. Lock away your possessions and ensure everything you bring to school is marked clearly with your name. Avoid bringing expensive items or large sums of money into school.  If you do lose an item in school, ask at the office.