Break and Lunch

What happens at lunchtime?

Break and LunchYou can choose to have a school dinner or bring a packed lunch.

We do not use money in the dining hall. Everyone has a pin code and dinners are paid for using ParentPay.

We offer so many delicious meals in school but the most popular are pasta, paninis and curry and naan.



Where can I go at social times?


At break time and lunchtime you can go into the webs between the teaching blocks, you may use the Astro turf and when the weather if fine you can play on the academy field.

Students who wish to play ball games may do so in web 2.  If you wish to play on your skateboard the 4th web is designated for this BUT you must store your board in a locker and not carry it around the school. 

You can also sign up for a place in the library or IT rooms at break and lunchtimes. Music also runs a lunch time club.

There always members of staff on duty at break and lunchtimes to make sure that everyone is happy and safe.