Worried about bullying? 

Rye Hills operates a zero tolerance policy towards bullying and treats all incidents of bullying very seriously.

No Bullying

There are lots of rumours and myths about what older students are like.

We are pleased to say that most of our students are friendly and caring.

The Tutors will make sure that you are all educated and informed about bullying. What it means and how you can get help and help others. 


There will also be assemblies and drop-down sessions on the subject.

  • We promise to listen to and investigate all complaints about bullying.bully superhero
  • The best person to speak to is your form tutor.
  • Most 'bullying' in Year 7 is really about friends falling out.    


We believe that Rye Hills will be a happier school if:

  • We help and care for each other.
  • We have respect for each other
  • We treat each other in the way we would like to be treated. 















Some useful bullying websites:

KidscapeChildline    Bully UK