Getting Lost

What if I get lost?

The school may look really scary and big, but the good news is that once you have remembered the ‘hand rule’ it’s quite easy to find your way around.

The school is laid out like a hand with 5 ‘finger’ corridors.

From left to right:

  • Dining Hall / Music & Art
  • PE / Stairs
  • English/Languages
  • Humanities/Maths
  • Design & Food Technology/Science

* Bold = upper floor

hand 1 hand 2


Map of RHSGround Floor

Map of RHSPicture1

Each corridor is painted in a different colour too. There are also signs to direct you to different areas of the school.

Each classroom has a number on it.

A room number starting with ‘1’ is on the ground floor.

A room number starting with a ‘2’ is on the upper floor. ICT rooms, IT1 and 1T2 is up stairs, as is the library.