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Homework and Independent Learning Procedures


Learning beyond the school day is seen as an important tool for reinforcing knowledge, understanding and skills. This document outlines the academy’s current procedures for homework and independent learning.

Homework at Rye Hills Academy is regarded as an integral part of our students’ learning, and considered to be an aspect of curriculum entitlement. Homework is seen as an important tool for reinforcing and extending our students’ learning. It is also seen as a major contributor to the development of social skills, in that it teaches students self-motivation, organisation, resilience and responsibility. In addition, homework is seen as an excellent vehicle for the growth of important learning skills such as researching, planning, investigating, consolidation of skills, wider reading, literacy and numeracy development. We believe that all students, irrespective of age, ability and aptitude, benefit from regular, structured homework that is appropriate to their needs.

Rye Hills Academy Homework and Independent Learning Procedures – KS3 and KS4:

  • Where and when appropriate, meaningful homework/independent learning tasks will be set by teachers which support, enrich, extend, consolidate and develop student learning, progress and independence. This will enable students to embed learning.

  • Teachers will differentiate tasks accordingly; provide clear guidance on the desired outcome; agree deadlines for submission and ensure this information is recorded in student planners.

  • Homework/independent learning tasks will be marked by the teacher in a timely manner; this will enable the student to reflect on the quality of their homework.

Homework/Independent Learning Tasks may include:

  • Literacy/Numeracy activities

  • Project based work

  • Extended writing tasks

  • Online homework tasks e.g. MyMaths

  • Spellings/vocabulary learning

  • Creative tasks

  • Research tasks

  • Exam Practice e.g. drafting answers to exam questions

  • Revision and preparation for tests/exams

  • Extra-curricular and enrichment activities in and out of school

NOTE: With the recent changes to curriculum and exams (e.g. the new grading system 1-9 and new exam specifications), revision of what is taught in school and self-study is even more important.

The school library is open every day and is available for students to work quietly before tutor time, during tutor time, at break and at lunch but students must sign up and obtain a pass from our school librarian. It is open to all students after school until 4.15pm Monday to Thursday, and until 4.00pm on Fridays (no pass required after 3.15pm). For more information, please see the library timetable on our website.

There is also a catch up session for MathsWatch every Wednesday at 3.15pm in rooms 206 and IT2 for students with late/incomplete homework. They can complete their MathsWatch homework with support from their teacher.

SEND Homework:

Nurture Groups in Year 7 & 8:

Students in the Nurture Group have student support lessons instead of language lessons and this time may be used by Nurture teachers for the completion of homework. 

SEN Students:

Students with a diagnosis of Autism can complete homework with TA support in room 1M1 at break or lunch times

(Contact Emma Allinson: e.allinson@ryehills.rac.sch.uk)


Where deadlines are not met appropriate sanctions will be given. The parents/carers of those students who repeatedly miss deadlines, or do not produce work of the expected standard will be contacted. This will enable staff to work with parents/carers to support the student in finding solutions, and reinforcing the value of homework.

In cases of non-compliance, the following should apply as a general rule but teachers may use their professional integrity when deciding upon the best course of action (e.g. they may ask a student to complete the work at lunchtime or at break if they feel this is more appropriate ensuring that the student is given the opportunity to use the toilet and, if at lunchtime, have their lunch).

Where a student fails to return work by the due date and without a reasonable excuse (medical, prior agreement, absence) they should, in the first instance, be given a day’s grace to comply, with the offence recorded by the subject teacher on Progresso. Further non-compliance, should be dealt with as follows:

  • A 15-minute detention with the subject teacher.

  • If the homework is still outstanding or the student fails to attend the 15- minute detention, a 30-minute detention with the subject leader will follow.

  • This will increase to a 45 minute SLT detention and if the work is still outstanding then the sanctions in the Behaviour Policy apply.

  • Where longer than 15 or 30 minutes is needed to complete the work then a detention may be set that is longer in length when necessary to allow the work to be completed.