KS4 Geography

Curriculum Information

KS4 Geography Outline 2016-2017


Year 10 (New Spec)

Year 11


Locations (Summer 16)

Ecosystems and Tropical Rainforests (6)

Urbanisation (7)

Controlled Assessment (7)

Population (5)

Revision of Water on the Land (2)


Hot Deserts (3)

Resource Management (3)

Water (4)

The Changing Economic World 1 (3)

Tectonic Landscapes (7)




The Changing Economic World 1 (3)

Coastal Landscapes (4)

The Changing Economic World 2  (3)

Fieldwork (2)



Physical Geography

Section A

  • The Restless Earth
  • Rocks, Resources and Scenery
  • Challenge of the Weather and Climate
  • Living World

Section B

  • Water on the Land
  • Ice on the Land
  • The Coastal Zone

Human Geography

Section A

  • Population Change
  • Changing Urban Environments
  • Changing Rural Environments

Section B

  • The Development Gap
  • Globalisation
  • Tourism

Geography Resources

Coasts Revision

Coastal Management

Coastal Transport and Deposition

Rising Sea Levels

Sand Dune Environments

The Coastal Zone Landforms

National Parks

National Park Role Play PowerPoint

National Parks Role Play

National Parks Role Play - The Task

National Park Role Play - Views

National Parks - Year 9 Group Presentation Assessment

Population Change

Population Change PowerPoint

Restless Earth PowerPoints

Fold Mountains

GCSE Revision Tectonics

Haiti Earthquake

Indian Ocean Tsunami

Montserrat Case Study

Tourism Revision

Ecotourism in Kenya

Extreme Environments

Kenya Attractions PowerPoint

The Rise and Fall of Blackpool

Visitors to the UK

Urban Revision

Urban Questions Foundation

Urban Questions Higher

Brazil Urban Growth

Brownfield and Greenfield Site

Central Business District

Changing Urban Environments

Foundation Tier Practice GCSE Question - Ch9


Improve Your GCSE Answers

Shanty Exam Question

Shanty Question and Answers


Water on the Land Revision

Flood Control

Middle and Lower Course

River Valleys


Revision Guides:

Pearson AQA Geography - A Revision Guide 

Available from the Geography Department or here.

Revision Websites:

BBC - GCSE Bitesize – Geography:        


S-cool, the revision website:   


GeoResources - Geography website and revision guide