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KS4 Art

GCSE Art & Design Overviews

Year 10 Overview ART

Year 10 Overview PHOTOGRAPHY

Year 11 Exam Plan ART

Year 11 Exam Plan PHOTOGRAPHY

GCSE Courses

All GCSE courses follow the AQA syllabus available at www.AQA.org. Rye Hills currently offers three arts courses:-

Art & Design, Fine Art and Photography

All courses consist of a coursework component making up 60% of their final grade. This is balanced by the externally set task, which makes up the remaining 40%. This examination is externally set, internally assessed and externally moderated.

GCSE Art & Design and Fine Art

Students complete at least one project in year 10.

Themes vary, this year the title for Art & Design is ‘Fragments’.

The title for Fine Art students is ‘The Human Form’.

Students further develop their sketchbook skills, presenting, developing, refining, communicating and analysing their own, and others work. They make art using a wide range of media, through specific technical skills training, practice time, experimentation, analysis and self and peer review. Students are encouraged to work on a wide range of scales, creating work that exists beyond the sketchbooks, as finished personal responses, or as small or large-scale maquettes and preparation pieces.

In year 11 Students complete their Pre Public Examination between September and the end of November. This work, added to the year 10 coursework, forms 60% of their final assessment.

Information about Art & Design and Fine Art

  • Year 11 students put up their GCSE exhibition in early May
  • GCSE coursework and externally set assignments are moderated by staff once the exhibition is put up
  • The externally set assignment is the student's main focus from January until the two exam days in late March
  • After the two exam days all students are preparing for their GCSE exhibition
  • All coursework can be improved upon at any point until the exhibition; this includes working in sketchbooks, completing final pieces and mounting work for display
  • Students are encouraged to attend Art Club, both at lunch times and after school
  • GCSE students have priority in the run up to the exams

GCSE Photography

Students studying photography follow the syllabus through external visits and in school photographic experiences. Working digitally, they learn to be competent photographers through technical skills development and artist research. They also learn to use electronic manipulation software. Each year students compete for their design to be chosen as the Rye Hills School Christmas card. Student’s technical development builds to create a year 10 coursework technical folder.

In year 11 Students complete their Pre Public Examination between September and the end of November. At this stage, students present work in sketchbooks, developing their presentation skills alongside their photographic. This work, added to the year 10 coursework, forms 60% of their final assessment.

From January to March/April all arts students complete their externally set task. This time culminates in two, five hour, examination days, where the task is completed for assessment.

The GCSE exhibition usually happens in May. Please keep checking the website for up to date information on this prestigious event.

Links and Documents 2017

@Arty Teacher:  Artists by theme. Art Resources for Art Teachers and Art Students.  (Try searching using the Categories listed on the website.  Click on any image to go to the TES website) 

Links and Documents Archives

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KS4 GCSE Art - 2017

Art & Design PowerPoint Full Version 2017

Art & Design PowerPoint Short Version 2017

Fine Art Exam PowerPoint 2017

Photography PowerPoint 2017

KS4 GCSE Art - 2015

Art and Design

1 - Landmarks

2 - Outlines

3 - From Above

4 - Diary

5 - Wish You Were Here

6 - Clothing

7 - Groups

Fine Art

1 - Landmarks 

2 - Outline

3 - Recycled

4 - Diary

5 - Book Art

6 - Clothing

7 - Groups 

KS4 GCSE Art - 2014

GCSE Photography Exam Questions Information (Archive 2014)

KS4 GCSE Art - 2013

GCSE Art and Design/Fine Art Handbook

KS4 Photography Power Point (Archive 2013)

21st Century Artists

GCSE Assessment Objectives and Colour Coded Mark Sheet

Learning to Draw Hair

Information for GCSE Art, Fine Art & Photography

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