• Film Club

Film Club

Where & When?

FILMCLUB takes place every Tuesday in room 109 with Miss Lappin and Miss McCready.

It will start at 3.30pm and go on until the film has finished (normally around 5.30pm)

You must let your parents know that you’ll be staying back.

Feel free to bring along cushions, snacks and drinks!

Adventure into a world of film…

  • FILMCLUB is an after-school club giving you the chance to journey through the limitless universe of film through weekly screenings and activities.
  • FILMCLUB is fast becoming the most popular after-school activity in the country


  • FILMCLUB is a free after-school activity
  • It introduces pupils to the wonder of films and opens the door onto a dazzling world of cultures, life stories, aspirations, times and places
  • It will take place every week showing fantastic movies from every era and corner of the world

The aims of FILMCLUB

  • aims to inspire young people to watch and engage with a diverse range of films
  • It creates an opportunity for young people to think, relax, reflect, take part and have fun in an informal setting with pupils of different ages

Discussion & Reviewing

  • FILMCLUB offers you a fantastic opportunity to tell the world what you think about the films you see through rating them and uploading your own reviews online.
  • You could even win the Reviewer of the Week competition!
  • There may also be opportunities to produce your own film!


  • Once you become a member of FILMCLUB you will start to take control of the running of the club.
  • You, as members, can tell me what films you would like to watch and order them online!

Film Classifications

  • The films I show will be U, PG and 12A but once a month I will show a 15 for KS4 pupils.
  • KS3 pupils will obviously not be allowed to watch a film with a 15 certification unless I have a consent form from your parents/carers.
  • You will need to take home a consent form to parents/carers to inform them of the FILMCLUB. This will need returning to school before you can watch a film.

What to do next…

  • Collect a form from Miss Lappin/Miss McCready to take home and bring it back asap
  • Watch out for the posters around school advertising FILMCLUB. It will tell you which film is going to be screened each week.

What the stars say...

  • “FILMCLUB is such a great idea. PlayStations, iPads and iPods are fun but there’s nothing like sinking into a story and loving, hating or identifying with a character in a film.”

     Steven Spielberg

  • “FILMCLUB is amazing. It has the potential to empower and inspire so many young people”.

     Emma Thompson