History (KS3)

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KS3 Standards

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Year 7 Standards

Year 8 Standards

Year 9 Standards

KS3 SMSC in History

Year 7

Romans-Gods, culture, contrasts between classes, entertainment, slavery.

1066- The importance of a King, punishments, importance of the Church to society. Influence of the French (Normans) on England.

Medieval life-empathy with how others lived. Crime. The Church.

Year 8

Stuarts- The Divine Right of Kings. Religion a focal point of everyday life. Charles I and the Civil War and the impact on society.

Tudors-The Reformation. Differences between Roman Catholics and Protestants.

The Pilgrimage of Grace. Henry VIII’s court and Tudor Life.

Industrial Revolution. The rich got richer and the poor poorer. Life and work in industrial towns. Empathy. Trade and industry with other cultures. The beginning of slave trade.

Year 9

Slavery- racism, importance of Christian arguments with Wilberforce.

Culture in Africa. Religious differences between Africa and America. Civil War in the U.S.A.

Early 20th century-Suffragettes, Treaty of Versailles, impact of war on society.

The Holocaust- genocide, racial persecution, dictators, Jews, Nazis. Position in society.


KS3 Schemes of Work

Year 7 Scheme of Work


Year 8 Scheme of Work


Year 9 Scheme of Work


Learning Journey

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