10a How is Transition planned and managed by the academy?

10a. How is Transition planned and managed by the Academy?

Transition from Primary School to Secondary Academy:

  • Parents and students of Year 5 and 6 invited to visit the academy in September each year:
  • On-going primary visits to school for different activities ranging from sports, STEM and terrific technology days. These ensure that the primary students begin to be more comfortable and knowledgeable about the academy:
  • Information gathered from parents by SEND staff:
  • Talks with the primary schools begin in Year 6, those with an EHCP attendance at review by SENCO:
  • Once confirmation of place SENCO liaising with parents and primary school:
  • Transition plan put in place on their advice:
  • Could include lots of early visits beginning in the primary school and then here:
  • A mentor might be put in place as a familiar adult to help with transition:
  • Specialist transition mentors from the Specialist teaching service work on programmes especially for autistic students.