9 Activities Outside of the Academy

9 Activities outside of the Academy

  • There are a large and varied number of out of academy activities for all students to participate in;
  • Rye Hills is a fully inclusive academy and puts in place the support a student needs in order for them to join in with their peers in their chosen activity. This may include extra staffing, specialist staff and or equipment;
  • Staff who are arranging an offsite trip will discuss with parents and the SEND staff the requirements needed and the suitability of any trip which the school is putting on;
  • We will not stop any student from going on a trip due to their special educational need and or disability if the trip is suitable for the child and their safety and the safety of others is not compromised (Equality Act 2012);
  • A member of the Senior Leadership Team oversees all trips to ensure students are safe and included where possible.