4 How will I be involved in planning for my needs?

4. How will I be involved in planning for my needs?

  • Meeting with you and your parents/carers before you join Rye Hills Academy;
  • Meeting with you, your parents/carers and your named member of staff each term;
  • If you have an Education, health and care plan (EHCP) then at annual review;
  • Parents/carers evenings;
  • By talking with your form tutor or any other member of staff who can support you.


How will I be able to contribute my views?

  • You can let us know your views in person by attending meetings;
  • You could ask your parents/carers to tell us your views;
  • You could ask a member of academy staff to do this for you;
  • You could write down or record your views for the meetings.


How will school support me in doing this?

  • By having a named member of staff for your meetings you will already know them;
  • Giving you time with a mentor, support assistant or other member of staff to help you plan and maybe record your views;
  • Having a member of staff of your choice to help support you in meetings if this would help you.