3 Curriculum

3. Curriculum

  • Most of the subjects you will take are decided by the Government. This is called the National Curriculum;
  • In Key Stage 3 (Years 7 to 9) you have to study all subjects on your timetable;
  • In Key Stage 4 (Year 10 to 11) you have more choice. These are called options and might include more vocational style subjects such as catering, e-media and others dependent on what is on offer the year you take your options;
  • In Key Stage 4 you are expected to study core subjects, a range of options which includes either a humanities or a language also PE.

How will my work be organised to meet my individual needs?

  • In many subjects you will be taught in a group which matches your levels and needs;
  • Work will be differentiated to match your way of learning and the levels which you are to achieve;
  • Targets will be set to challenge your learning, these will be aspirational (something to work towards) but not out of your reach;
  • Subject teachers, mentors, pastoral leaders and the support staff will all be around to help you reach your targets and support your individual needs.