11 How are the Academy resources allocated and matched to the young person?

11a. How are the Academy resources allocated and matched to the young person’s special educational needs?

  • All resources are allocated to and matched using the extensive data that the Academy holds about each student;
  • This includes planning for these interventions with parents and students.

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11b.    How is the SEND budget allocated?

Rye Hills has a number of different SEND provisions and interventions which are matched to the young person’s special educational needs financed through the SEND budget, and more general funding allocations such as Pupil Premium.

These include:



Specialist SEND teachers

Working within the Nurture groups to meet the needs there and advising other teachers within the school

Nurture 7

Students in Year 7 with significant SEND who need small group teaching and high level of support

Nurture 8

As above in Year 8

Nurture 9 

As above in Year 9 (when necessary)

SEND support staff

Team of 16 support assistants working in class and individually to support SEND students

Climate for Learning Team

Team of 4 staff working with students with emotional, behavioural difficulties

Small group teaching

In some areas the groups are smaller in number so the teacher can better meet SEND needs

Alternative Education

Using other providers and in house provision to better meet the needs of SEND students


1:1intervention for building up memory capacity

Toe by Toe

1:1 reading intervention


1:1 or small  group emotional Literacy

Computer programmes

Various computer programmes are available for 1:1 and small group in literacy and numeracy

Accelerated reader

Key Stage 3 reading

Team teach

De-escalation behavioural management

Breakfast, break and lunch clubs

Safe places during these times, access to computers, social time

Homework club

After school facilities for SEND students