7 Specialist Services

7. What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the school?

Rye Hills Academy has expertise from its staff.

Specialist services are used when the need arises and the school feels it needs more support or advice to ensure a student makes best progress.

The following is a snapshot of these but is not an exhaustive list.

Expertise in Academy

Supporting students with Autism Level 2

Communicating support worker BSL level 6

BSL levels 1

NVQ Counselling level 2

Team teach

Climate for Learning team

Including young and disabled young persons in sport

Signposting young disabled persons to sports clubs

Link to special schools and disabled sports

Providing competition and sporting opportunities for disabled students across the borough


Expertise/Specialist Service accessed by the Academy

Educational Psychologist


Occupational therapists

Speech and Language therapists

Specialist Teaching Service and Access Arrangement Specialist

Specialist teacher ASC

Hearing Impaired Service & Teachers of the Deaf

Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service

The Junction - Therapeutic support - Young carers

School Nurse

The Link – Therapeutic support

CREST – Dependency support

SODA & EVA domestic violence

Attendance and Welfare service

Social Care & Outreach

Fairbridge working with disaffected young people

Forget me not - bereavement support

TYS – targeted youth support

Foundation for Jobs Careers Advice