6 Overall Wellbeing

6.  Overall Well-being:

  • All students belong to one of the three colleges.
  • Each college is supported by a team of staff;
  • The College Pastoral Lead has the role of ensuring pastoral well-being is in place to ensure progress and well-being;
  • College Pastoral Mentor. This is a non-teaching member of staff who is the day-to-day contact for parents and students in all areas of need;
  • Form tutor meets with students for half an hour each day looking after both well-being and progress of the tutees. There is a curriculum here to meet different social issues and help students with their progress;
  • Student voice begins in the form with form reps that represent views to the college council. Students can contribute their views through this forum. Representatives from the college council are on the school council which regularly meets with senior leaders to pass on the views of the students;
  • Inclusion Support Officer supports students who are having difficult times or medical reasons for not being able to attend school;
  • Attendance Officer who, working with the Inclusion Support Officer, monitors daily attendance and addresses with parents any concerns or issues;
  • School nurse is in school every Wednesday lunch time for students to drop in and discuss any concerns they may have. 
  • Rye Hills has a full medicines policy;
  • There is a member of support staff on duty each morning from 8:15 to receive medicines from parents and write support plans in line with the agreed policy;
  • There is a member of support staff available each day to carry out what has been agreed with the parents.


Link to full medication policy