1c Specialist school or provision

1c. Specialist School or Provision:

  • We offer numeracy and literacy support in the form of Accelerated Reader, MyMaths, Number Shark, Turnabout Memory Training and many other intervention schemes.
  • In addition to academic support, we also work with our students to address their social and emotional needs. The majority of support staff are trained in de-escalation techniques in order to minimise the likelihood of students reaching crisis and to aid students in self-regulation.
  • There are several areas open during breaks and lunch time for students to drop in and benefit from structured games and activities as well as the support of several members of staff and a small group of peers.  Currently on a Tuesday after school there is support for students that struggle with completing work outside of school. This is in addition to the library and IT facilities available after school which is supervised by Miss Smith the Librarian.
  • Small 'nurture' class teaching for some students, for some of the time.