Student Council

Student Council 2020 - 2021

19th October 2020 - Prefects announced!

Eight year 10 students applied to become this year’s Prefects. We decided to take advantage of Google classroom and used it to share any information with potential applicants, as well as use it as a platform for applicants to submit their speeches. Their speech outlined why they wanted to be a Prefect and how they would use their role to help improve our academy.

The submission of speeches was followed by a recording of the students reading their speeches. Ordinarily, this would have happened in assemblies, but in order to stay safe, these recordings were shared with their peers. Following the recordings, all students were interviewed by Mrs Waugh and Miss Seiler.

Throughout this process, our applicants promoted the academy values and showed their commitment to improving our school.

All students and staff were encouraged to vote for their favourite candidate in our whole school vote.

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Congratulations to Jamie, Lucy, Wafaa and Phoebe, our new Year 10 Prefects!

Your drive and ambition to lead our student body is exceptional and we can't wait to see how you use your new roles to make Rye Hills even better!

Wear your ties and badge with pride!

- Miss Seiler and Mrs Waugh


A huge well done to all of our candidates who applied to be a Year 10 Prefect.   

You all conducted yourselves extremely well throughout the interview process and are truly role models for all students at Rye Hills Academy!

16th September 2020 - Student Council meetings are back!

Miss Seiler has arranged year group Student Council meetings to meet with members face to face.

The feedback from our school re-opening has been extremely positive. All of our members are pleased to be back at Rye Hills and are happy with the safety measures in place!

16th June 2020 - Supporting our new year 7s.

As our new year 7s are not going to have the usual transition, our Student Council wanted to ensure that they didn’t miss out on their help.

During lockdown, our members sent in videos, recordings and written descriptions about the student council and life at Rye Hills Academy.

3rd June 2020 - Life during lockdown

Throughout lockdown, our Student Council used Google classroom to communicate with each other and discuss ways in which we could improve our online academy. Many gave feedback about the work received and suggested ideas for mirroring school experience at home.

It was great to see our students so active in their roles, despite being at home dealing with extreme changes.

19th March 2020 - Feel Good Friday success!

Feel Good Friday continues to be an extremely popular lunch time club!

Our Anti-Bullying ambassadors (trained by the Diana Award) spend time with students in our Feel Good Friday session and are available to help their peers with anything that is troubling them.

Colouring, puzzles and reading are some of the activities enjoyed in Feel Good Friday sessions.


5th February 2020 - The Kindness Boomerang

Our Student Council delivered an assembly focused on kindness. They wanted to challenge their peers to a 5 a day challenge.

5 day K

They showed the kindness boomerang video (below) and finished the assembly by handing out positive messages to the crowd.

B Kind