School Council

School Council 2018

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There is a new structure in place at Rye Hills and the School Council is now bigger than ever!

The Head Boy and Head Girl, Max Bolton and Poppy Paterson presented to the whole school why they wanted the aforementioned positions and were voted in by staff and students, and confirmed into their positions following great interviews.

Also in Year 10, Will Dickinson and Madeline Robinson are in the Deputy Head positions and have taken charge of the Interact Club, another branch of the School Council. 

Each tutor group has a representative who attends meetings and voices the opinions of their fellow tutees, this communication is cyclical as points raised at School Council meetings go back to be discussed in tutor time.

There is a vibrant Year 7 Council who tackle a multitude of issues, showing care and thought for the Rye Hills community.

School Council members all have an area of interest they act on, be it Sport or Charity, the students on the School Council are working hard to be representatives and have a voice for everyone within the Rye Hills community and beyond.

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